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Benefits Of Praying In Tongues

Benefits Of Praying In Tongues

5 December 2021

About This Sermon

Enjoy the benefits of healing, fruitfulness, and good success that God has given you when you pray in tongues! In this powerful message by Joseph Prince, find out why this gift is especially important for the times we are living in. Learn how praying in the Spirit helps you to:

  • Activate God’s protection over you and your loved ones against the attacks of the enemy.
  • Understand new covenant truths that will cause you to possess more and more of God’s promises in your life.
  • Walk in God’s powerful anointing that supersedes your intellect and logic, and start seeing divine results.
  • Start seeing healing breakthroughs and experience the miracle-working power of God like never before.

Beloved, start praying in tongues daily and begin to actively possess all the blessings God has for you!

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