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Be Led By His Anointing And Win

Be Led By His Anointing And Win

27 January 2019

About This Sermon

Go from ordinary to extraordinary when you’re led by the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Whether you’re a homemaker, a business owner, or just starting out in your career, you can supersede your natural limitations by following the Spirit who lives in you. In this message, discover how being guided by the Spirit will cause you to:

  • Receive divine insights and answers that go beyond your experience and expertise.
  • Do and say the right thing at the right time and see supernatural results.
  • See breakthroughs in your marriage and parenting and enjoy a blessed family life.
  • Tap into God’s wisdom for your business and finances.

Beloved, learn how you can flow in the same anointing our Lord Jesus walked in when He was on earth and experience divine results in every area of your life!

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