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Be A Carrier Of God's Love

Be A Carrier Of God's Love

24 January 2018

About This Sermon

What does the world need to hear from Christians? Joseph Prince takes time to minister to the sick and then shows what God’s heart really is toward the world and sinners. See the truth from pivotal scriptural accounts how God is not out to destroy today because of Jesus’ sacrifice, and how He always looks beyond our failings to the thirst in our souls. Discover how as believers, we can preach the much-needed message of God’s love to broken humanity, and share the good news of His grace and the gift of His Son. It’s His lovingkindness, not judgment, that will bring them home!
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1 Recommendation

August 20, 2018
Pauline Forbes
Listening to Be a carrier of God's love sermon I am now been healed from a bad neck ache that I have had for more than two weeks. It is 6:21pm UK time and I can move my neck in all directions without pain Hallelujah Glory to our heavenly Father thank you for Jesus perfect finished work at the cross and thank you dear Father for pastor Joseph Prince Ministry.

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