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A Fresh Revelation Of The Communion Brings Healing

A Fresh Revelation Of The Communion Brings Healing

13 January 2019

About This Sermon

Don’t miss out on God’s way of dispensing healing and health to His children today. Catch a fresh revelation of how the Holy Communion is not just a church tradition or ritual, but God’s way for you to receive the healing that Jesus paid dearly for at the cross! In this powerful, faith-building sermon, Joseph Prince reveals:

  • The depth of God’s love for you and His desire to see you healthy and strong.
  • How much Jesus suffered at the cross so that you can be healed today.
  • How partaking of the Communion with a revelation of Jesus’ broken body will cause you to get healthier day by day.
  • How to partake of the Communion with your loved ones and see God’s healing power manifest in their lives.

As you discover afresh the significance of the Communion and hear testimonies of people healed of incurable diseases, you’ll be inspired to start partaking and receiving your healing too!

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