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Your Glorious Future—Leaving the Past Behind

Your Glorious Future—Leaving the Past Behind

1 September 2016

In This Series

Your future can be as bright as the morning sun, completely unhindered by your past! In this uplifting audio series, let Joseph Prince show you why, because of Christ’s finished work, you no longer have to be burdened or ashamed by what has gone on before. Instead, you can receive the Lord’s abundance of grace and gift of righteousness, and look forward to a life of freedom and glorious hope in the days to come!

This MP3 Album contains 2 Sermons with 2 Tracks (Approx. total duration: 3hr 2min)

1. The Cleansing Power Of The Word Of God (approx. 1hr 32min)
2. The Ashes Of The Red Heifer (approx. 1hr 30min)

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