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Worship Jesus And See Good Days

Worship Jesus And See Good Days

1 December 2013

In This Series

Want to see many good days in your life? In two revelatory messages, Joseph Prince sheds light on the amazing benefits of worshiping and praising Jesus. Discover how each time you worship Him with psalms, hymns or spiritual songs, the Spirit of God fills you, and the Lord Himself delivers you out of your troubles. So start worshiping Jesus today, and receive His shalom-peace and wisdom for every situation!

This Album contains 2 Sermons (Approx. total duration: 2hr 20min)

1. For His Mercy Endures Forever (approx. 1hr 8min) 
2. How Worship Puts You In A Receiving Mode For God’s Wisdom (approx. 1hr 12min)

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