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Unshakable—Standing Strong In Difficult Times

Unshakable—Standing Strong In Difficult Times

30 April 2015

In This Series

In these financially challenging and difficult times, it is easy to give in to worry and fear about your future. But times like these are not a surprise to your heavenly Father. In fact, He is always more than able to provide richly for you and your family.

In this eye-opening, three-sermon audio series, Joseph Prince reveals the reason for the world’s upheavals and how you can remain unshakable in such times. Be encouraged by the knowledge that God’s hand of grace is upon you to make the impossible possible. And be inspired by Bible examples of how He prospered His people greatly in times of severe famine.

As you believe in God’s goodness and understand what His Son has accomplished on your behalf, your heart will find rest and you will begin to experience His supernatural provision. You will also enjoy robust peace and fulfill His wonderful plans for you!

This MP3 Album contains 3 Sermons with 3 Tracks (Approx. total duration: 3hr 30min)

1. Becoming Unshakable In Times Of Shaking (approx. 1hr 10min)
2. How To Prosper During Severe Famine (approx. 1hr 8min)
3. BEING The Seed Of Abraham Makes You Undevourable (approx. 1hr 12min)

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