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The Prayer of Protection–Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times (Audiobook)

The Prayer of Protection–Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times (Audiobook)

7 November 2016

About This Series

Is it possible to find 24/7 protection from all the things we fear today? If so, where would we find it?

In The Prayer of Protection, discover a God of love and His impenetrable shield of protection that covers everything that concerns you, and allow His protection to be your reality today.

Through a compelling study of Psalm 91, you’ll learn truths that will cause your heart to burn within you as you discover just how completely loved and protected you are by your loving Savior. Be encouraged as you learn how you and your family can:

• Find refuge and safety in the secret place of the Most High God.

• Be found at the right place at the right time far from danger.

• Activate God’s mighty angels to watch over you and your loved ones.

• Go on the offense against the enemy with the sword of the Spirit.

• Walk in God’s wisdom to stay safe.

• Experience God’s promise of preservation and long life.

Begin to live boldly today as you uncover what the Bible says about the fullness of God’s protection that is available to you in Christ. Let faith arise as you listen to the amazing testimonies from people around the world who have experienced God’s protection firsthand. And embark on a journey of intimacy with the Lord that will drive out every fear and give you a confident expectation of His goodness toward you.

Total Playing Time: Approx 5.5 hours on 5 CDs