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The Covenant Of Grace And The Kindness Of God

The Covenant Of Grace And The Kindness Of God

3 January 2013

In This Series

We are no longer under the old covenant of law, but under the new covenant of grace. Unfortunately, many Christians are not established in this truth. They don't really understand how Jesus' death and resurrection have placed them in the new covenant, and made the old covenant obsolete. Listen to this series and learn more about the covenant of grace, and be amazed by the love and kindness of God. You will also see that He wants you to live a life free of strife and self-effort, but filled with divine health and blessings in every area!

This Album contains 3 sermons:

1. The Covenant Of Grace And The Kindness Of God (approx. 1hr 33min)
2. Hagar And Sarah - The Covenant Of Law And The Covenant Of Grace (approx. 1hr 30min)
3. The Covenant That Demonstrates His Blessings (approx. 1hr 40min)

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