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In This Series

Know your place in Christ! Today, He is seated in heaven at the Father’s right hand, resting while God enforces the victory that His Son achieved at the cross.

In this audio series, join Joseph Prince as he shows you how, as a child of God, you can trust in your heavenly Father and adopt the same attitude of rest while God makes your enemies your footstool. God wants you to have a throne mentality and a winning attitude. He has provided everything — healing, provisions, breakthroughs — that you need.

You can have the life of rest that Jesus came to give you because He holds your future in His powerful hands, and He has everything under control!

This MP3 Album contains 2 Sermons with 2 Tracks (Approx. total duration: 2hr 25min)

1. Be at Rest! God Is Always Ahead of the Devil (approx. 1hr 10min)
2. Have A Throne Attitude – Rest Until God Makes Your Enemies Your Footstool (approx. 1hr 15min)

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