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Set Free From Sin Through Grace

Set Free From Sin Through Grace

3 January 2013

In This Series

Are you plagued by a besetting sin? Robbed of a victorious life? Afraid to walk boldly with God? And have you ever been told that your sin will stop God's goodness, God's grace in your life? Then you will be relieved and glad to hear that it is God's grace that stops sin in our lives. Truly, the only time the words no condemnation mean anything is when there is sin. Grace is the New Testament way to true holiness. It is through His grace that God will take you beyond behaviour modification into true transformation, and shower you with every blessing imaginable!

This Album contains 3 sermons

1. Set Free From Sin Through Grace (approx 1:21)
2. Superabundant Grace That Turns Your Trials Around (approx 1:08)
3. Condemnation Kills (approx 1:26)

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