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Right Believing Leads To Right Living

Right Believing Leads To Right Living

18 December 2013

In This Series

The Christian life is not about right doing, but about right believing! In this thought-provoking two-sermon audio series, Joseph Prince shows you how the key to walking in lasting peace, victory and blessings is not found in your actions, but in first believing right about God. Catch a revelation of how right living and good success come by believing right-not doing right-and begin to live the abundant life today!

This Album contains 2 Sermons (Approx. total duration: 2hr 48min)

1. To Constantly Believe That You Are Righteous Is To Constantly Receive Blessings (approx. 1hr 32min)
2. What Abraham Believed That Made Him Unbelievably Blessed (approx. 1hr 16min)

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