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Positioned In His Protection (MP3 series)

Positioned In His Protection (MP3 series)

9 April 2019

About This Sermon

Is there a place where you can live fear-free, safe, and secure from the dangers of this world? As the world discusses more reasons to be afraid, God wants you to know that you can find protection and refuge under His wings. In this sermon series, you’ll find out how you can get the best coverage for you and your family. Discover how you will:

  • Come under God’s divine protection when you know your blessed position in Christ.
  • Wake up each day with a sense of hope when you fortify your heart with His promises.
  • See supernatural deliverance from harm when you plead the powerful blood of Jesus over yourself and your loved ones.
  • Experience peace that surpasses all understanding when you are conscious of His 360-degree protection over you.

Beloved, God’s heart is to care and provide for you every day of your life. Will you accept His invitation to come under His steadfast protection today?

Find out more about the series here.
4-MP3 Series (4 sermons—approx. total duration: 5hr 32min)
• Find Protection Under His Wings (approx. duration: 1hr 27min)
• Positioned In His Protection (approx. duration: 1hr 25min)
• Protected By The Blood Of Jesus (approx. duration: 1hr 15min)
• Live Protected In Dangerous Times (approx. duration: 1hr 25min)

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