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Nuggets Of Gold On God's Grace

Nuggets Of Gold On God's Grace

3 January 2013

In This Series

1. How Grace Operates
2. Grace Produces True Holiness
3. Grace Produces True Maturity And Sonship
4. Grace Activates The Power Of The Spirit

Are you struggling to be accepted by God? Through His perfect work on the cross, Jesus has already presented you righteous before God.

Recorded in 1999, this classic sermon series by Joseph Prince, delves into the Bible to uncover precious nuggets of truths on how God's grace operates and why you can live a victorious life by His grace and strength.

These insights will cause you to have a better understanding of how complete Jesus' work is, how much God loves you and how you can have God's unearned, undeserved favour flowing effortlessly in your life!

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