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Living & Powerful–The Life-Giving Benefits Of God’s Word

Living & Powerful–The Life-Giving Benefits Of God’s Word

30 April 2015

In This Series

Do you know that meditating on God’s Word is the channel by which you receive His promises for your life? In this revelatory audio series, Joseph Prince shows you the biblical key to victory, good success, and length of days, and reveals practical tips on how to feed on God’s Word. Experience a new level of God’s power in your life as you learn how there is nothing more alive and powerful than God’s Word to heal, restore, and give you wholeness and peace.

This MP3 Album contains 2 Sermons with 2 Tracks (Approx. total duration: 2hr 21min)

1. God’s Guarantee For Your Prosperity (approx. 1hr 1min)
2. When You Touch Jesus, You Touch Your Destiny! (approx. 1hr 20min)

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