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As a child of God, you’re not called to a life of stress, but a life of rest. Discover how you can live stress-free through the power of the let-go life with this timely, faith-building resource!

Plug into The Let-Go MP3 Capsule that comes pre-packed with 55 powerful Joseph Prince MP3 messages. That’s over 65 hours of anointed preaching that will reveal God’s heart for you to cast every care to Him and let His practical supply meet your every need. Learn also effective habits that will help you live worry-free despite the pressures and challenges of modern living.

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Start listening your way out of worry and anxiety as you see how Jesus really cares for you and wants to supply all your needs!

List of Sermon Titles:

1. Let Go
1.1 It's Time To Let Go! 2010-01-24
1.2 Let Go And Let God! 2004-01-04
1.3 Your Only Battle Today Is The Fight To Remain At Rest (Part I Of A New Series On Rest) 2007-08-12

2. Just Look at the Birds
2.1 God's Rest For The Rest Of Your Life 2003-05-11
2.2 Worry Not About Tomorrow 2002-07-14
2.3 Let Go And Let His Supply Flow 2012-09-02

3. Experience His Quality Life and Health
3.1 Becoming Stress-Free And Healthy 2004-02-29
3.2 Rest—Where No Curse Can Alight 2004-05-02
3.3 Rest In Jesus' Faith For Miracles 2011-12-11

4. The Way to Live Worry-Free
4.1 Live The Let-Go Life! 2005-01-02
4.2 Grace Flows In Worry-Free Areas Of Your Life 2006-02-17
4.3 Step Into Jesus' Supply Daily 2011-10-16

5. The Rhythm of Rest
5.1 Rest Is The Promised Land Of The Believer 2006-03-09
5.2 Live Stress-Free By His Spirit 2017-02-26
5.3 Sweat Leads To Anger! 2006-03-24

6. Walking in the Rhythm of Grace
6.1 Let Go And Flow In The Vine Life 2015-04-26
6.2 Receive God's Supply For All Of Life's Demands 2013-10-13
6.3 The Blessed Man Vs The Cursed Man 2001-01-07

7. Rest Brings God's Commanded Blessings
7.1 Jesus Our True Jubilee And Sabbath 2004-09-30
7.2 Restful Increase Versus Stressful Increase 2010-01-03

8. Have a Throne Attitude
8.1 Have A Throne Attitude—Rest Until God Makes Your Enemies Your Footstool 2008-02-24
8.2 Rest! God Is Working Behind The Scenes 2009-12-27

9. Tune In to Peace
9.1 Are You Living By The Peace Within? 2004-07-01
9.2 Rest Is Holy Spirit-Directed Activity 2005-11-20

10. All Encompassing Shalom
10.1 Peace Keeps What Grace Gives 2010-01-10
10.2 The Shalom Key To Divine Health 2005-09-25

11. Above All Things Guard Your Heart
11.1 If It's A Miracle You Need, A Miracle You'll Get—If You Remain In Peace 2004-06-20
11.2 Go With His Flow! 2004-02-20

12. Peace in Your Conscience
12.1 Receive Your 120 Percent restoration today! 2011-10-09
12.2 Be At Rest! God Is Always Ahead Of The Devil (Part 4 Of A New Series On Rest) 2007-09-09
12.3 Receive The Gift Of No Condemnation And Walk In Peace 2005-12-25

13. Stand Still
13.1 Why The Finished Work Begins In Your Mind 2007-05-06
13.2 Redeemed From Sweat, Blessed Through Rest 2005-04-10

14. Becoming a Person of Rest
14.1 When You Sit Still He Will Not Rest 2006-05-14
14.2 Separated Unto Rest—The Story Of Samson (Part 2 Of A New Series On Rest) 2007-08-19
14.3 The Life Of Rest—The Story Of Ruth (Part 3 Of A New Series On Rest) 2007-08-26
14.4 Hidden Treasures From The Story Of Noah—You Are Safe In The Ark! (Part 6 Of A New Series On Rest) 2007-09-16

15. Hear Your Way to Victory
15.1 Listen To The Preached Word And See Breakthroughs 2016-01-24
15.2 Hear The Gospel And Constantly Receive The Spirit And Miracles 2001-08-05

16. The One Thing that Brings Success in Every Area
16.1 The One Thing That Brings Success In Every Area 2016-02-14
16.2 Meditation On God's Word—The Key To True Prosperity 2010-03-07
16.3 Meditate On God's Word And Receive Grace Upon Grace! 2010-03-14

17. Experiencing Blessings in Marriage
17.1 Christ Is The Center Of Happy Marriages 2002-08-18
17.2 Christ Is The Center Of Happy Marriages—Part 2 2002-08-25
17.3 Christ Is The Center Of Happy Marriages—Part 3 2002-09-08
17.4 Christ Is The Center Of Happy Marriages—Part 4 2002-09-15

18. Stress-Free Parenting
18.1 Blessings Upon The Whole Household #2 2000-01-23
18.2 Parenting Keys For Today 2012-10-28
18.3 Parenting With Grace 2007-11-18

19. Let Go and Live Long
19.1 Hidden Secrets To Health In The Hebrew Language 2006-12-10
19.2 The Health-Giving Power Of A Relaxed Heart 2010-01-17
19.3 Enjoy Long Life—No Condemnation Results In Longevity 2009-08-16

20. You Are Not Alone
20.1 Win Over Discouragement, Depression And Burnout 2017-03-19
20.2 Never Alone, Always Cared For 2003-08-31
20.3 Live Life Loved By The Shepherd 2015-06-07

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