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Influencers Conference-Live @ Paradise Community Church, Australia (3-DVD Album)

Influencers Conference-Live @ Paradise Community Church, Australia (3-DVD Album)

3 September 2013

About This Series

Want to grow in your personal revelation of God's grace and undeserved favour? Be an effective influencer for Christ? Then let Joseph Prince establish you on the rock-solid foundation of Christ on which to build your life and ministry. Watch Joseph live in Paradise Community Church, Adelaide, Australia, as he expounds on the uncompromised gospel of grace to church leaders and delegates at the Influencers Conference. As you hear and understand the powerful truths about Jesus' perfect redeeming work on the cross, you will be empowered to profoundly impact your family, your ministry and your nation for His glory!
3 DVDs (Approx. total duration: 3hr 32 min)
Disc 1: Why The Ministry Of Grace Produces True Holiness (Approx. 1hr 10min)
Disc 2: What It Means To Be An Heir Of The World (Approx. 1hr)
Disc 3: Seeing Your True Identity In Christ Gives You The Power To Reign(Approx. 1hr 22min)
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