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Grace Capsule Part 1–The Gospel Of Grace

Grace Capsule Part 1–The Gospel Of Grace

30 August 2014

Understand foundational truths about the new covenant of grace.

This MP3 bundle consist of the following sermons:

1. The Overcoming Power Of God's Love
2. The Gospel Revolution In The Last Days
3. The Key To A Victorious Life - Being Established In Righteousness
4. Good Things Happen To People Who Believe God Loves Them
5. Understanding The True Chastening Of The Lord
6. The New Covenant Of God's 'I Will's
7. Living By The Unforced Rhythms Of Grace
8. Understanding The Major Covenants Of The Bible
9. Forgiveness Of Sins Is The Power Of The Gospel
10. God Can't Help Those Who Help Themselves

* These sermons are found in Part 1 of the Grace Capsule

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