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Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about finding a life partner? In this humorous, no-holds-barred series, Joseph Prince provides a scriptural, yet practical perspective on one of the most exciting and beautiful aspects of human existence - finding that special person! Besides making the decision to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, who to marry is probably the most important decision you can ever make in your lifetime. Let Joseph Prince reveal to you God's heart regarding romance, love and courtship, and in the process, answer questions such as: Does God have a perfect choice for you? What are the qualities you should look for in a life partner? And much more! So get this album, and let the truths from God's Word liberate you to find that special someone!

This Album contains 2 Sermons in 4 tracks (Approx. total duration 4hr 52min)

1. Part 1 (Approx 1hr 12min)
2. Part 2 (Approx 1hr 29min)
3. Part 3 (Approx 1hr 14min)
4. Part 4 (Approx 1hr 09min)

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