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Destined To Reign 15th Anniversary (Audiobook)

Destined To Reign 15th Anniversary (Audiobook)

19 October 2022

In This Series

1. 15th Anniversary Special Introduction
2. How to Use This Audiobook
3. Foreword
4. Chapter 1: Destined to Reign
5. Chapter 2: The Law Has Been Fulfilled
6. Chapter 3: Controversies Surrounding the Gospel of Grace
7. Chapter 4: We Have Been Robbed!
8. Chapter 5: Is God Judging America?
9. Chapter 6: The Evil Conspiracy
10. Chapter 7: The Gospel That Paul Preached
11. Chapter 8: The Main Clause of the New Covenant
12. Chapter 9: The Waterfall of Forgiveness
13. Chapter 10: The Ministry of Death
14. Chapter 11: Unearthing the Deepest Root
15. Chapter 12: Condemnation Kills
16. Chapter 13: The Gift of No Condemnation
17. Chapter 14: No More Consciousness of Sin
18. Chapter 15: The Road to Emmaus
19. Chapter 16: The Secret of David
20. Chapter 17: Picture of Pure Grace
21. Chapter 18: One Thing You Lack
22. Chapter 19: The Key to Effortless Victorious Living
23. Chapter 20: The Problem with Mixture
24. Chapter 21: The Secret to Great Faith
25. Chapter 22: Good Things Happen
26. Closing Words
Fifteen years on, Destined to Reign continues to transform lives around the world! If you’ve yet to experience this gospel revolution, then discover for yourself:

  • The secret to reigning over every adversity, lack and destructive habit that’s limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness and victory you were destined to enjoy.
  • How it’s not about what you have to do or accomplish, but what has already been done and accomplished for you.
  • That it’s not about using your will power to effect change, but His power changing you.

This special 15th anniversary e-book edition offers an even richer experience with additional content such as:

  • Powerful sermon clips to enhance your revelation of the gospel.
  • Video testimonies of real lives gloriously transformed.
  • Animation videos to help you see what really happened at the cross.
  • Written praise reports to inspire and build your faith.
  • Joseph’s personal reflections at the end of every chapter.

Even if you’ve already read the book, we invite you to experience it afresh and rediscover the amazing and transforming grace of our wonderful Savior!
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