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Be at REST & Watch God Do the REST

Be at REST & Watch God Do the REST

12 January 2020

In This Series

God wants you to be at rest! In this must-hear message by Joseph Prince, discover how you can live a life free from anxieties and stress when you rest in the Lord and all that He has done for you. Learn how you can be effective in what you do when you cease striving and start believing in His grace to abound toward you. Begin to enjoy a restful yet successful life as you receive God’s abundant provision for every need without sweat and struggle!

MP3 Series (2 sermons—approx. total duration: 2hr 45min)
  • Keys to the Anointing—Living in Grace and Serving with Faithfulness (approx. duration: 1hr 09min)
  • Wait! Don't Try to Help God (approx. duration: 1hr 36min)


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