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Heart To Heart Talk

What God wants you to know this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special time when people all over the world celebrate love, romance, and relationships. Whether you’re single or attached, feeling hopeful or hopeless, we all need God’s Word to be our guiding light to navigate this messy yet beautiful thing called love.

Filled with practical and spiritual truths on love, dating, and marriage, these 5 messages will bless you no matter what season you’re in.

Will you allow God to shed light and breathe hope into your heart as you catch a fresh vision of the relationships He wants you to enjoy?


Embrace God's best in your season of singlehood

The value of an item influences the way we treat it. It's the same with relationships. How you let others treat you depends on the value you’ve set on yourself. In this straight talk to singles, be amazed as you discover your true worth, and get the real scoop on dating and courtship.

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Find—and become—the godly life partner you're looking for

Who you choose to marry is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in your life. Does God have a perfect choice for you? What are the qualities you should look for in a life partner? Find answers to these questions in this humorous, no-holds-barred series and gain a scriptural yet practical perspective about the journey of finding your special someone.

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Discover the antidote to loneliness

If you’re tired of the emotional rollercoaster you feel every day, come take a love-break with Jesus. There's no pretense or facade that you have to put up. When you're in His presence, you encounter the perfect Man who knows everything about you yet loves you perfectly.

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Walk in the fullness of God's plan for your marriage

Chemistry, commitment, and communication. These are what experts say are the keys to a happy marriage, yet many who have worked on these areas still struggle to find fulfillment and joy. God's Word reveals that every marriage needs Jesus in the center, for in Him all things are held together. In this series, expect to hear practical and spiritual truths that’ll help you develop a happy marriage that feels like days of heaven on earth!

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Be captivated by the most romantic love story in the Bible

This is a story of a widow who got her fairy-tale ending when she got together with the most popular bachelor in the land. Sounds unreal? This true story is a beautiful portrayal of our relationship with our Lord Jesus who loved and redeemed us when we didn't deserve it.

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