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Official Joseph Prince Sermon Notes

Boldness To Inherit Every Blessing

Sunday, 14 October 2018
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These are notes on the sermon, Boldness To Inherit Every Blessing, preached by Pastor Joseph Prince on Sunday, 14 October 2018, at The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore. We hope these sermon notes will be an encouragement to you!

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Have faith imparted to you as you discover how God wants you to boldly ask Him for the blessings and promises in His Word—and ask more!

We hope these notes will help you understand how:

  • God loves it when we ask more of Him.
  • Bold, simple faith brings God’s answers into our situations.
  • Faith has far-reaching results on our children and children’s children.

In this sermon, Pastor Prince reveals God’s desire for us to come to Him so that He can over-answer our requests. When you see His heart to bless you, you’ll begin to ask for more and receive more!


There’s always something good that God has in store for His children when we gather together. Sundays are special days.

Today, we are still on the track of learning to inherit.

As children of God, we have an inheritance from our heavenly Father. That’s good news for us! When someone says, “I have received an inheritance,” that’s something to celebrate.

Our inheritance are all the blessings and promises in God’s Word—spiritual blessings as well as physical blessings like healing, provision, protection, etc.

Our attitude toward our inheritance is extremely important. It determines whether we receive it or not.

In Genesis 25:29–34, Esau showed an indifferent attitude toward his inheritance. He was the firstborn son, but sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of food (see Gen. 25:29–34). He didn’t count it important to hold on to his birthright. He despised it.

People who have Esau’s kind of attitude toward inheritance don’t inherit.

Today, the question of our inheritance is not whether God has purchased it for us, but whether we possess it.

So God gives us wisdom to inherit our inheritance. He’s been imparting this wisdom to us over the past few weeks (see these sermons: Give Me This Mountain!, The Key to Robust Faith, Believe He Wants to Heal and Provide).

Pastor Prince reminds us that many of us have been receiving our inheritance as the Word has been going forth. People have written in testimonies of healings and breakthroughs.

Pastor Prince encourages us to thank God for the blessings we have received that we are not even conscious of—especially protection. There are things that God has protected us from that we don’t even know about.

Bold, simple faith causes us to possess our inheritance

Today, we are talking about a group of people in the book of Numbers who were zealous about possessing their inheritance: The daughters of Zelophehad.

The book of Numbers is a book that recorded the numbers (or population) of people in the tribes of Israel. Sometimes tribes increased, sometimes they dwindled. The numbering of tribes was significant because the amount of land that a tribe was given as their inheritance depended on how large or few their numbers were. In Numbers 26:52–56, God allocated land to the different tribes according to their size. The larger their number, the larger their land.

Pastor Prince encourages us to see the growth of our “tribe”—our local church—as something important. He encourages us to bring people to church and share the love of God with them. The more people are saved, the more victory we will experience together, and the better the world will be. The problems of the world can only be solved from the inside out, when the human heart is transformed.

The book of Numbers has much to do with inheritance.

“One day a petition was presented by the daughters of Zelophehad—Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. Their father, Zelophehad, was a descendant of Hepher son of Gilead, son of Makir, son of Manasseh, son of Joseph. These women stood before Moses, Eleazar the priest, the tribal leaders, and the entire community at the entrance of the Tabernacle. “Our father died in the wilderness,” they said. “He was not among Korah’s followers, who rebelled against the Lord; he died because of his own sin. But he had no sons. Why should the name of our father disappear from his clan just because he had no sons? Give us property along with the rest of our relatives.”
— ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭27:1–4‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Why should the name of our father disappear from his clan just because he had no sons? Give us property along with the rest of our relatives.” — The daughters of Zelophehad wanted to inherit the land that God had given to their father. They wanted their inheritance, and they made a stand for it. They challenged the status quo that daughters could not inherit.

The daughters of Zelophehad had bold, simple faith.

Faith possesses. Faith inherits.

What is our inheritance today?

Spiritual blessings:

Ephesians 1 tells us that we have received forgiveness of sins, blamelessness, and full acceptance in Christ!

Physical blessings:

At the cross, Jesus purchased peace, healing, and provision for us.

He sweat blood in the garden of Gethsemane to redeem us from stress and negative thoughts, and give to us peace and sound minds.

He was destitute of material goods so that “though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich” (2 Cor. 8:9).

He carried all our diseases and pains so that we might be healed.

All these blessings that God wants us to ask for have been PAID for.

There’s no such thing as asking God for “too much”

The daughters of Zelophehad had bold, simple faith. Such faith is sure to be rewarded.

God cannot disappoint faith any more than He can deny Himself.

God loves to be trusted.

God loves to be used.

During His earthly ministry, Jesus said that He did not come to be served, but to serve (see Matt. 20:28, Mark 10:45).

When someone tapped on His healing power, He stopped and turned around to find out who it was so that He could affirm her (see Mark 5:30–34).

When someone drew from Him when He was tired and hungry, He became refreshed and full (see John 4).

When we draw from the Lord, He gets reinvigorated.

When Moses brought Zelophehad’s daughters’ case to God, He responded favorably. He loved their request!

“So Moses brought their case before the Lord. And the Lord replied to Moses, “The claim of the daughters of Zelophehad is legitimate. You must give them a grant of land along with their father’s relatives. Assign them the property that would have been given to their father. And give the following instructions to the people of Israel: If a man dies and has no son, then give his inheritance to his daughters.”
— ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭27:5–8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“If a man dies and has no son, then give his inheritance to his daughters” — Because of the daughters of Zelophehad, this new law that allowed daughters to inherit was put into place.

Faith brings God’s answers into the here and now.

You never hear Jesus in the gospels saying, “You ask too much.”

But we do hear Jesus rebuking His disciples, saying, “You of little faith.”

Faith is the hand that takes from God.

You’ll never hear Jesus saying, “You ask too much.” He’s always saying, “You ask too little!”

Pastor Prince starts to pray for people with:

  • Stomach conditions
  • Back conditions
  • Tailbone pain
  • A child sick with high fever

He closes this time of ministry by saying, “You can’t talk about inheritance without God moving in this way.”

What if the daughters of Zelophehad hadn’t come forward to ask for their inheritance? Then all the daughters of Israel would have been robbed of their portions.

Because of them, there was a new law that allowed daughters with no brothers to inherit from their fathers.

Bold faith can have amazing outcomes for other people that you might not even realize.

One simple act of faith can make a difference to many generations

The outcome of Zelophehad’s daughters’ bold faith went far beyond their lifetime. Many generations later, it directly affected Jesus’ right to the throne of David through His earthly parents’ lineage.

In the Old Testament, Jesus was prophesied to be born king of the Jews through the line of David. But there came a time when King David’s lineage became corrupted with wickedness.

King Solomon’s son Rehoboam did not have the wisdom that his father had and treated the people harshly. This resulted in Israel splitting into two nations: the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah.

The kings of Israel were usually wicked, and the kings of Judah usually God-fearing. It was prophesied that Jesus would come from the tribe of Judah.

But the last king of Judah, Jeconiah, was so evil that God pronounced a curse on him:

“O earth, earth, earth, Hear the word of the LORD! Thus says the LORD: ‘Write this man down as childless, A man who shall not prosper in his days; For none of his descendants shall prosper, Sitting on the throne of David, And ruling anymore in Judah.’ ””
‭— Jeremiah‬ ‭22:29–30‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

After this happened, Babylon conquered them and took them into captivity. From then on, none of King Jeconiah’s descendants became heirs to the throne—including Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.

Because of the curse on King Jeconiah, Jesus did not have a right to the throne through His father Joseph. We can see Jeconiah’s name in Jesus’ genealogy in the gospel of Matthew:

“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: … Josiah begot Jeconiah and his brothers about the time they were carried away to Babylon. … And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ.”
— ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭1:1, 11, 16‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

How then did Jesus have a right to the throne to fulfil prophecy?

Through His earthly mother Mary.

Because of the law that daughters could inherit from their fathers, Mary, who came from another son of David, could inherit and pass on the right to the throne to Jesus. See slide 11.

Because of the daughters of Zelophehad, the virgin Mary had a claim to the throne.

That’s how Jesus evaded the curse and became the rightful king of the throne of David!

God loves it when you come to Him and boldly ask for blessings

God loves it when we have bold and simple faith.

He loves it when we come to Him.

Don’t believe the lies that the enemy feeds you. Lies like, “You’ve asked for too much. You’ve gone to God to ask for blessings and help too many times.”

All the blessings and promises in God’s Word have been paid for at the cross.

Faith can never overdraw from its account in heaven.

And faith has far-reaching results on your children and children’s children. God doesn’t just want you blessed, He wants your family and your future generations blessed too.

Closing Prayer

“The Lord bless you this coming week. The Lord bless you with the blessings of Father Abraham. The Lord bless you with every blessing, amen, people? Not even a hair’s breadth of missing out on any of your inheritance. Father, I pray that You will manifest in a special way this week for your people, and also protect your people from every kind of danger. Protect them and their families from every harm, accident, tragedy, terror, disease, and from all the powers of darkness, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, you have the favor of God. Because you have the favor of God, doors that are closed will be open to you, and doors that you are not supposed to walk through will be closed to protect you. You have favor everywhere you go and the blessing of the Lord is mighty on you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

We hope these sermon notes blessed you! If they did, we encourage you to get the sermon and allow the Lord to speak to you personally as you watch or listen to it.

© Copyright 2018
These sermon notes were taken by volunteers during the service. They are not a verbatim representation of the sermon.

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