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A Touch Of His Presence 2

A Touch Of His Presence 2

24 January 2013
Recorded live in New Creation Church, this music album is a compilation of 15 spontaneous praise and worship songs that will minister our Lord's healing, grace and peace to you. You can now receive His superabundant grace right where you are just by listening to this anointed album. As you behold the beauty of our Lord Jesus and enjoy the touch of His presence, you will experience the wholeness that He came to give you!

Track Listing:
  1. High Above The Earth
  2. Full Of Beauty
  3. He Came For Us
  4. You Are Holy
  5. Interlude 1
  6. Shalom
  7. God Of Jacob
  8. Let Us See Jesus
  9. The High Priest Of Our Confession
  10. Interlude 2
  11. All Things Work Together For Good
  12. Fear Not My Child
  13. My Redeemer
  14. I Am
  15. Prayer

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