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Base Camp 1, Day 4: Leaving Bitterness Behind

Download the free message “Good Things Happen to People Who Believe God Loves Them” here: DOWNLOAD NOW

Base Camp 2, Day 7: Addicted to "Likes"

Download these Give Me This Mountain mobile wallpapers here:

Base Camp 3, Day 7: Caleb’s Ultimate Secret

Watch the free sermon mentioned in this chapter, "Becoming the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved."

Base Camp 4, Day 7: The Highest Mountain

Travel back in time and catch a glimpse of what really happened at the cross in this breathtaking Calvary Animation here:

Additional Resources

1. Give Me This Mountain Videostream Companion: In this special video resource, you’ll get 28 powerful 15 to 20-minute video sermons so you can dive deeper into each teaching in this book.
a. Follow up on each day’s reading with a short teaching that will equip and encourage you.
b. Gain a deeper understanding of scriptural truths from this book.
c. Grow from faith to faith as you listen to the preached Word.
d. Find rich, practical keys that will help you get the most out of Give Me This Mountain.


2. “Give Me This Mountain” song: As you take a journey through this book, this is one song you’ll want to add to your playlist. Be inspired and encouraged by this new song from New Creation Church’s worship team, available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all major digital music platforms.