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JosephPrince.com App Credit
JosephPrince.com App Credit
JosephPrince.com App Credit

JosephPrince.com App Credit

20 November 2016

What Are App Credits?

App credits allow you to redeem MP3 sermons and Videostream using the JosephPrince.com app.

Type of SermonNo. of App Credits
Videostream + Free MP32

How To Use Your Credits To Get Sermons

After purchasing your credits on this store, simply log into the JosephPrince.com App on your phone to redeem your MP3 sermons and Videostream.
In the app, go to “Buy Sermons”, and you’ll see the number of credits you have bought on the top right-hand corner.

Tap on any of the sermons you’d like to redeem and the sermon will appear in your library. Your credits have no expiry date, so you can redeem MP3 sermons and Videostream whenever you want.

Save More When You Purchase App Credits On JosephPrince.com

Enjoy greater savings when you purchase your App credits here on our online store instead of from the mobile app.

Download The Free JosephPrince.com Mobile App

Your credits can ONLY be used within the free mobile app to redeem MP3 sermons and Videostream. Use the app to listen and watch to your purchased sermons on-the-go!

Find out more about the JosephPrince.com app

4 Recommendations

July 12, 2019
Balaji Rajamohan
if its a miracle you need , its a miracle you will get ,if you will remain in peace
June 11, 2020
Ashwanth Bosswell
All the food that comes from this ministry is strong meat. But there are certain sermons that leave a lasting impression in your heart that you've got to chew on it, savor it, relish it, ruminate on and meditate on and on. I'm grateful for this ever improving app that helps in doing so. Highly recommend putting your treasure in this app, because when you pay for it you will have your heart in it in a deeper way Thank you so much Pastor Prince for helping us have a hunger to feed on Jesus
May 29, 2020
Samuel Tan
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Invest in Jesus-centered resources :))) BEST INVESTMENT EVER
February 29, 2020
Mahayana Sfeir
I am obsessed with this App, It’s probably safe to say I am addicted to the Word of God through Pastor Prince, plus Pastor Prince is a good looking man of God 🥰 God is renewing his youth like the eagles for SURE 😉 (bold face too) May God continue to give you fresh revelation for you are a blessing to my family life and the body of Christ Jesus. Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ to you all. I am believing God to take my family to an Israel Tour with your ministry and to visit Singapore to Glorify and worship our wonderful Jesus together, Amen!

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