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Unmerited Favor
Unmerited Favor

Unmerited Favor

17 January 2013
God wants you to succeed in every area of your life! And with His presence in your life, you can. His grace or unmerited favor can swing open doors of opportunities and place you at the right place at the right time for His blessings. Even if you lack the necessary qualifications, His unmerited favor can propel you forward.

Discover in Unmerited Favor how everything that you touch can be blessed and how you can enjoy good success. Learn about what Jesus has accomplished on the cross for you, and how, through His perfect sacrifice, you can lead an overcoming life as God's beloved.

Packed with new covenant truths on the unmerited favor of God and how you already have access to it through Jesus' finished work, Unmerited Favor is a must-read for anyone who wants to live the good life - God's way. It's time for you to stop depending on your own efforts to succeed, and to start depending on Jesus and Jesus alone for every success. Start living out the dreams that God has birthed in your heart today!

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1 Recommendation

August 04, 2018
Teresa ledford
I like this book because it's uplifting and teaches many things about the Grace (unmerited favor) of God.Very encouraging.I totally recommend it.Thank you!

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