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The Prayer of Protection Devotional
The Prayer of Protection Devotional

The Prayer of Protection Devotional

2 April 2017
Start Living Fearlessly in God’s All-Encompassing Protection!

Let God’s promise that you can live protected in these dangerous times be your reality today!

Through 90 uplifting daily readings, immerse yourself in God’s love for you and let His love and His Word cast out every fear of danger, disease, and disaster in an increasingly dark world. Every reading will grow your faith and build a strong biblical foundation that will launch you into a life of confidence and sure safety under His protective wings.

Take hold of God’s powerful protection promises for you and your loved ones today and experience the Lord as your strong and unshakable refuge in these uncertain times.

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5 Recommendations

October 29, 2018
Gerard Ezimmoha
This is great,it has made my day
January 12, 2020
Cathy Pamisa
I am blessed hallelujah
June 10, 2020
Phomolo Makoloane
It brings up the good thoughts on me
May 19, 2020
Rita Bassaw
The book has really helped me, thank you pastor Joseph Prince
February 24, 2021
sajeerashenon peris
Dear Pastor Prince, the scriptures and verses encourage me.thank you.God Bless you

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