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Expedition Promised Land: Walk Where Jesus Walked

Expedition Promised Land: Walk Where Jesus Walked

21 November 2021
Expedition Promised Land will take you on a stunning visual tour of locations across Israel. You will learn about biblical events associated with each site and discover key points of interest—but get ready to walk away with so much more.

This book is an invitation for you to fall in love with the land as you experience the breadth of its diverse landscapes and explore its archaeological treasures. It is a guide that challenges you to go beyond merely getting information to receiving fresh revelations. To take in the breathtaking sights not just through the lens of your camera but also through the lens of faith. More importantly, it will lead you to see the Lord Himself drawing close and speaking to you at every location.

Join Joseph Prince as he brings you on a spiritual expedition and unveils a living Savior while you explore the beauties of this ancient land through the pages of this spectacularly crafted resource. Whether you’re on-site in the Holy Land or taking this journey from the comfort of your couch, you will encounter our Lord Jesus afresh as you walk where He walked. You will see the Scriptures come alive as you receive fresh revelations about truths concerning the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of His finished work.

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