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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Bundle
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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Bundle

16 July 2017

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Trying to make sense of life’s constant struggles and disappointments? In this bundle, you’ll be encouraged as Joseph Prince shows you how:

- Your delays don’t spell the end of your dreams
- Your waiting time is not wasted time—God is working behind the scenes
- God is setting you up for something greater than you could ever imagine!
Get this bundle to discover more on how you can navigate through life’s challenges successfully and begin to see how much your heavenly Father loves you!

This bundle includes:

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Kathy Searles

July 30th, 2017

Dear Pastor Prince, I got connected to your ministry in 2010. I lived many, many years under condemnation and such legalism. Daily I listen to you as well as have read many of your books. The revelation of Jesus that I have received from you is priceless. I am very grateful to our Lord for raising you up in this hour. Your voice of grace keeps me daily. Thank you with all my being for being there for me through TV, books, Cd's,Dvd's. There really is no excuse for not hearing the words of Jesus daily to walk in His light. May the Lord keep you and His face shine upon you and your precious family. Kathy in New Hampshire,USA

Cleopas Chigwada

August 8th, 2017

It is very good in that it reminds people to keep eyes on Jesus ...Jesus the one and only true solution to all challenges that we face every day

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