The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings
6-Video Series (Full HD)

The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings

Duration: 8 h 16 min

Get blessed four times over as you learn the keys to unlocking the treasures of the four gospels! In this revelation-packed Bible study resource, Joseph Prince shows you:

• The incomparable majesty of the King of kings in the Gospel of Matthew.
• The tireless compassion of the Servant-King in the Gospel of Mark.
• The goodness and grace of our High Priest in the Gospel of Luke.
• The glory of the Son from heaven and His unfailing love in the Gospel of John.

Understand the primary focus of each gospel and see the excellencies and beauties of your Savior from different divinely engineered angles. Whatever you’re going through today, discover nuggets of the Lord’s amazing grace toward you and find faith rising effortlessly to receive your breakthrough!