10-Video Series (Full HD)

Live Life Spirit-Led Bundle

Duration: 10 h 3 min

This video series contains the following sermons:

6. How To Serve With Power, Love And A Sound Mind
7. Pursue Love And Desire Spiritual Gifts-Part 1
8. Pursue Love And Desire Spiritual Gifts-Part 2
9. The Seven Gifts In Romans 12-Which Is Yours?
10. Increasing Your Anointing In The Prophetic

Offer ends on May 7, 2018

Hungry for more? Learn more about flowing with the Spirit when you pair Joseph’s latest series with Spirit Led—Moving by Grace in the Holy Spirit's Gifts. Discover the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and how you can operate effortlessly and powerfully in them. Find out also what your gifts are and how you can use them to be a blessing. Be led by the Spirit every day and see supernatural results in your life!

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