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Walk In God’s Healing

Walk In God’s Healing

26 November 2015
Live healthier as you partake of the Holy Communion with revelation and regularity. Be encouraged by awesome testimonies and let Joseph lead you in a powerful time of Communion. See how you get stronger as you keep partaking!

Walk In God’s Healing

Chapter 1: How The Curse Is Reversed In Your Life
Chapter 2: The One Reason Believers Are Weak And Sick
Chapter 3: What It Means To Partake Unworthily
Chapter 4: Partake Of The Holy Communion As Often As You Can
Chapter 5: From Thirtyfold To Sixtyfold To A Hundredfold Manifestation Of Your Healing
Chapter 6: Every Time You Partake Of The Holy Communion, Believe You Are Getting Better!
Chapter 7: Partake Of The Holy Communion

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