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Give a gift that counts.

Gift an MP3 sermon
You’re only a few clicks away from sending your friends and family a gift that would really bless them—the preached Word of God.

Send a life-giving sermon digitally and have your loved ones receive it instantly!

Make it personal!

Include a personal message with the sermon you’re sending to your loved one.

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Still not sure how to give an MP3 sermon?

Follow these 3 simple steps below.

Step 1

Head over to our list of MP3 sermons and choose a sermon. Then simply click the “GIVE MP3 AS A GIFT” button.

Step 2

Make your gift extra meaningful. Type out a personal message for your loved one and tell them why you chose this sermon specially for them.

Step 3

Send the sermon with your personal message in an email to your loved one, or print the email and give it to your loved one in person.
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