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Hesed Wisdom Journal (Blue)

Hesed Wisdom Journal (Blue)

26 March 2018

The Hesed Wisdom Journal is also available in teal.

Did you know that there’s a place where God has condensed His hesed (grace) wisdom for us today? It is the book of Proverbs.

The 31 chapters of Proverbs—one for each day of the month—are chock-full of God’s wisdom, insight, and practical advice for us to live skillfully and experience good success.

The Hesed Wisdom Journal is specially designed to help you begin a lifestyle of receiving God’s hesed wisdom from the book of Proverbs every day.

This inspiring journal will help you:
1. Make the most of your daily Proverbs readings.
2. Meditate on and journal the things God speaks to you through each Proverbs chapter.
3. Chart your weekly and monthly progress over 3 months.

As you use this journal, we believe that you will begin to truly experience the year of God’s Hesed Wisdom!

*This journal does not include the book of Proverbs.

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February 02, 2019
Shawnee Herbst
I absolutely love this journal! I'm on my second one. The design and system for reading Proverbs/recording insights/doodling and, especially, keeping track of days, is perfect. I've never been somebody who journals, though I've always wanted to and have a lot of thoughts - and this journal just fits. It helps me stay in the Word, it keeps me on track, and I find myself jumping back and forth and all around the Bible to record verses in it. How it helps me to be uplifted and to flourish in the Word of God and His Love is exactly what I would expect from a journal from Joseph Prince's ministry! Thank you!

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