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Destined To Reign Anniversary Edition
Destined To Reign Anniversary Edition

Destined To Reign Anniversary Edition

29 July 2019
*This anniversary edition includes a special introduction from Joseph Prince.

Why are people calling this book a breath of fresh air?

Discover the secret of reigning over every adversity, lack and destructive habit that is limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness and victory that you were destined to enjoy. Find out how it is not about what you have to do, but what has already been done. It is not about what you must accomplish, but what has already been accomplished for you. It is not about using your will power to effect change, but His power changing you. Start reigning over sickness, financial lack, broken relationships and destructive habits today!

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1 Recommendation

April 09, 2020
Lyn Laws
I had this book loaned to me Destined to Reign. It is the best book that has helped to understand the true meaning of God's grace. And His love for me. I was brought up, that if you performed well, you will get God's attention and love. This has shown me how untrue this is. I am a woman in her 60's. This has given me new revelation on that it is not about me and what I do, its all about what Jesus has already done . I want to buy this book. As it will be a valuable tool for me to have. I want this book as soon as it is available again. It has helped me no end. Thank You Ps Joseph Prince . Thanking You Lyn Laws

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