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What is this gift called tongues?

Did you know that God has given you a most wonderful gift by which you can unlock His healing, protection, wisdom, and supply in your daily life?

It is a powerful weapon against the attacks of the enemy, the perfect prayer in every situation, and a divine channel that brings healing and health to your body. This gift is the gift of tongues.

What is "tongues"?

In the New Testament, the apostle Paul shows us how we as believers have been given a very special gift—tongues, the heavenly language of the Holy Spirit. Why is this such an extraordinary gift?

Romans 8:26–28 shows us how the gift of tongues is an immense blessing to our prayer life: When we don’t know how to express what’s in our hearts to God, or when we don’t know what God wants us to pray for, the Holy Spirit prays for us with “groanings that cannot be expressed in words” (NLT).

Isn’t it comforting to know that where we may be weak and limited, the Holy Spirit is not, and He is able to pray for us in harmony with God’s perfect will? And the result of this? We will see God causing everything to work together for our good and for His glory!

Beloved, tongues (or praying in the Spirit) is God’s amazing gift to His children to help us pray powerful, accurate prayers. When you pray in tongues, you will never pray amiss because the Spirit who knows what God’s perfect will for us is, is interceding on your behalf. When you pray in tongues, you open the door to let in His power, healing, and practical provision for every need you have.

Jesus likened the Holy Spirit to rivers of living water flowing out of us in John 7:38–39. When you pray in the Spirit, you are activating these rivers of living water—rivers of the Spirit’s healing, power, life, and blessings—and allowing them to flow into your situation!

Excerpted from Release God's Power! - Experience the Benefits of Praying in Tongues, page 11, What is This Gift Called Tongues.

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