Provision Promises (Book)

Provision Promises (Book)

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  1. janet Olson says:

    Thank you brother Joseph for being faithful and willing to share this wonderful radical message of grace.My whole life is being changed .I am 73yrs old and it is so good to be free from striving and finally able to rest in what Jesus has said,knowing that all is going to be alright…my family; my finances; my health ,my future.My greatest work now is to stay in this rest. Thank you for com ing to America on tv and web. It feeds me and helps me stay on track. Thank you

  2. Thank you for being on tv and teaching America about radical grace. i I used to try to live by the 10 commandments and always failed. For always having a good sense of humor, being charismatic, and oh so gentle… you, brother Prince are so gifted and amazingly discerning!
    Your confidence is contagious! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Now if i can just learn to share this great message with others..Also, thank you for keeping me on track..

  3. Rubie Mabika says:

    I thank the Lord having come to read what you write and what you preach.Each time i read the word through your daily grace inspiration message i fellowship with the Lord on a very high level and my prayer life has changed and i strongly feel God will set me free from the debt that i have through the word that you preach may God keep you safe

  4. Esther Rusinga Madi says:

    Dear Pastor Prince
    I am 29yrs old married and have one child, ever since we started following your programmes daily on television we have been given hope. We are trying to open a business to make and recycle plastics, it has not been easy but listening to you day to day has lifted our faith and we put all our trust in God that one day our company will be big. May God continue to bless you and do wonderfull things in your life.

  5. Linda Hughes says:

    Pastor Joseph you are an inspiration to everyone that hear’s you.May God bless you and your’s for everything that you preach………..Amen.

  6. Norma Appel says:

    Pastor Prince I am so grateful that Christ has brought me to your Ministry. I have learned SOOOOOO much in the past few months through your style of preaching and teaching the Gospel. I wish we had
    a church here in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA that preached on Grace and not on the law. I have learned through your Ministry that I have great power through the blood of Christ and preaching NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL. Again, I thank you and I am so grateful to God for making your Ministry available through cable tv and the Internet. God bless.Your sister in Christ. Norma Appel of St. LOUIS,MO USA

    P.S. Your accent is adorable.

  7. Dynice Harding says:

    I thank YAHWEH for you, Pastor Prince! God has used you to usher me into an amazing time in my life, especially since I lost my dear son, Chad, less than 3 years ago. Through your books/ T.V. teachings, I have grown closer than ever to Jesus. Experiencing His love for me & what Jesus did on the cross has transformed my mind, soul and spirit. I LOVE reading my bible and see more revelations. I take communion each day and believe He is making me stronger and healthy! I’ve found a Grace based church here in Chantilly, Virginia USA! (Grace Covenant Church) Praise Jesus! I look forward to watching you every day and will come visit your church some day since I am rich in Christ Jesus. God bless you, your family and your church! Your sister in Him, Dynice

  8. natasha robert says:

    Thabk u pastor

  9. Jo Harrell says:

    Pastor Prince,
    You have taught me and helped me so much. I know without a doubt that God sent you to those who have been helped so very much by your messages. You will never know just how much you have done to help so many! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I Pray that more people continue to find out about you and hear you. The main area that you have helped me was with fear and deliverance! God Bless You Pastor Prince! I Love you with the Love of the Lord!
    Jo Harrell

  10. wanda zeno says:

    I thank God for you and the truth you teach and preach, the gospel of Jesus christ.I feel so free,as if I have been born again,again.I can’t explain it but something supernatural is happening to me and in me since the teaching of grace has reentered my life and how you open the word up and presents its true revelation.I tell you I can’t get enough of the grace teaching.keep on keeping on.God continue to bless you,your family and church family.I will keep you in prayer.


  12. Janine - RSA says:

    This message of grace and rest is so profound. I come from traditional teachings and find this message so refreshing and scriptural. It’s absolutely amazing that there is a MAN, Jesus Christ seated within the Godhead, and as HE is in me, so I am in HIM; and as HE is in this world today, seated at the right hand of our Father; SO AM I. How incredible is that? I find your approach on teaching, practical, humorous and thought provoking. I enjoy the Hebrew words, the interpretation thereof as well as the story of Ruth. I praise God for your ministry and keep you and your family in my prayers. I am FREE, all I require to do is have my Heavenly Daddy take care of me, HE already has done everything. Hallelujah, Glory to God!

  13. Jill says:

    I started watching JP for over a year and a half.I have been set free from condemnation and fear, finally! Thank you ,JP for sharing your revelations and your faithfulness to us. You answer all the ???’s for me; like the obscure scriptures and you remind me who the apostles are writing to, such as Jews or gentiles! It’s been a long recovery for me,since my family condemns me daily by segregating me from them.My own children come against m with strife and blame.But, I pray they see the Light and Love of Jesus daily me. I look forward to thanking you in person in our Heavenly home.

  14. Fredericks Ake says:

    Pastor, I am so blessed having you as one of my teachers. Indeed you‘ve energised me with the knowledge of God‘s word, so much so, that, I can now see, and share God‘s word with a lot of clrearity. Thank you for the book: Destine to Reign. Indeed I am completely reigning in my world and through my world to the ends of the world. It‘s my prayer for you that more utrance be granted you in JESUS‘ NAME. AMEN! And also you and your family will be delievered from the hand of wicked and unreasnable men. God bless you real good!

  15. Sanjeev christ says:

    Jesus have a healing power amen


    Thank you so much that I found you … from Philippines but im working here in Morocco as a Domestic Helper…its been years that I didn’t heard the word of God cause i didn’t find a church here in Morocco..But now im very much thankful to God that i can watch you here through internet and reading your daily messages.Thank you so much Pastor Prince may the Lord continue to Bless you by preaching his word,,,,the faithfulness and the Love……..and to your family….IM SO GLAD …..THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD…I want to be part of your Ministry in the name of Jesus….If Gods allow my wish ,,,wanna meet you in person Pastor Joseph Prince hope you can visit in our country and preach the word of God.

  17. It’s amazing what Jesus does. If I did not visit U.S.A. I would not discover the Ministry of Joseph Prince on TBN. Our of all the Pastors I watched, I choose you Sir. It’s a wonderful blessing for me. Since I returned to Jamaica, I have been forwarding all that I receive from Pastor Prince to my people, including Pastors.
    Pastor Prince, I took you to Jamaica and very soon I’m sure God will make you so well known here that someone will have you visit Jamaica Land we love. You are another of God’s dispensations. It’s not that we were not aware of the Grace of God, it’s that His Grace is made more sufficient as Paul indicated, in a more refreshing and meaningful way. All the Pastors I used to listen to are neglected.
    Thank God for using you Pastor Prince.

  18. Benson kaimenyi says:

    Your teachings have changed my life concerning righteousness how could help with materials for enriching othe believers.i’m a christian union leader in my college

    • Team JP says: (Author)

      Hi Benson,

      Thank you for your comment. We would recommend our new CD Album, Principles For Interpreting The Bible, that will surely enrich believers’ understanding of God’s grace and His Word to a whole new level.

      Team JP

  19. Jeannette Murphy says:

    Thank you Pastor Prince,
    You have blessed my life so much, your teaching of God’s word have strengthen me, encouraged me and most of all new found Faith. Bless you and thank you!!

  20. Francis says:

    Hello and praise the Lord, i have learned today that we who are living today are the generation prophesied would refer our God to be the one who regathared the people of Israel from the north (Russia) Jeremiah 23:1-8 . Thank you pastor, my family and i love your teachings and never wish to miss any of your sermons on TBN family media . Francis in Kenya East Africa.

  21. martha wanjiru says:

    pastor joseph,may God grant you a long lyf,u saved mi from suicide after all my relatives came against me,having no parents,bt i thnk God who sent u n saved me through your sermon,u gave mi hope

  22. Hector Del Rio says:

    I am glad there is a comment area.It is good to read how other people have been affected by the truth and the Grace Of God
    in Christ.
    Your teaching of the word has been most freeing for me as well.
    I didn’t know how to get out of the bondage I was in. I am still
    want the Lord to free me fron my nicotene addiction.
    Thank you Pastor Prince


  23. raymond says:

    Teachigs I’ve seen major changes in my life since lisening to you I pray that one day you will come to cape town south africa sharing and taeching our pastors including myself the word I can’t get enough of your rteaching its so uplifting not just uplifting but if you aply it in your life renewing your mind readiing and listening daily you are gurenteed to see the word of GOD manifesting in your life .I salute and. Honour you Pastor Prince for being rhe faithful servant that you are rightly deviding the word of truth bless you pastror Prince you are in my prayers Amen

  24. James lantern says:


  25. James lantern says:

    Im glad

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