Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 9 February 2014

Find True Fulfillment In Life

Find True Fulfillment In Life


The Israelites sought light. The Greeks wanted knowledge. The Romans lived for fame and glory. It’s no different today—people are still seeking these things, but are not truly satisfied. The truth is, the liberating and life-enhancing light, wisdom and glory we desire can be found only in the person of Jesus! In this enlightening message by Joseph Prince, see how true fulfillment is experienced when you seek Jesus and put Him in the center of your decision-making and life. As you learn how to see yourself in Christ—the light of the world—you’ll see His glory and goodness manifest in your life!




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Find True Fulfillment in Life - Joseph Prince

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  1. Annette Nelson says:

    Look to JESUS for HE is the light of the world. Amen!!! :>)

  2. judy abernathy Connelly Springs NC says:

    Pastor Prince opened my eyes too see the truth and my life has never been the same. Thanks to Jesus and His revelation knowledge that He gives too those who love Him and seek His face.

  3. Elvy Leong says:

    Yes!!! Everything I need, what ever I want,,, I can be found only in the person of JESUS CHRIST… HALELUYA!!! Thank you Ps. JosephPrince

  4. Wenney Mary says:

    I’m not perfect enough to see Jesus light of the world, Amen

  5. Zimasa says:

    I look only to Jesus for he is the only light of this world.

  6. Patricia Graafland says:

    Thank You Holy Spirit. You are revealing and glorifying Jesus and we are receptive. Our Lord Jesus is our righteousness. Shalom

  7. Mary says:


  8. Donsen joe says:

    Thank you Pastor for proclaiming the good news the gospel of peac unto us im really transforned and saved feel free by the good newsof our Lord Jesus ! God continue to reveal unto you his mystreies unsearchable riches of his Son !

  9. Thank you almighty God Jehovah for your divine holy glory over our life in Jesus mighty precious name, Amen. Almighty God Jehovah is the only true pure love in Jesus mighty precious name, Amen

  10. Gina says:


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