Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 16 February 2014

Break Every Bad Habit With Christ


Break Every Bad Habit With Christ - Joseph Prince

Have a bad habit or addiction that’s dominated you for decades? Stop striving to be free and find the answer in this liberating message by Joseph Prince. See how Jesus—the light of the world—stands in the midst of your situation not to condemn you, but to lift you up and out of your pit. No matter how long your bondage has been, Jesus is the truth that opens blind eyes and sets captives free. Step out of guilt, condemnation, and frustration into faith and freedom as you see the beauty, compassion, and grace of your wonderful Savior!




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  1. Arit Ekpo says:

    Thank God for liberation. Christ is the center of my conscience , no more sin consciousness .

  2. Lalita Sinnayah says:

    Thankyou God For your messages through Pastor Joseph Prince, there is always sadness in my life but hearing the message of Jesus and his compassion surely gives me light for He is The Light of the world.Amen Men

  3. Sally Moalosi says:

    Thank u for a word of encouragement. I pray that may the Lord my Saviour help me to wait upon Him patient.

  4. Pamela Gordon says:

    Thank you Pastor Prince for your inspiring messages. They truly help us to get rid of fear and build up our faith. God Bless you to continue to preach the word of God which can change lives.

  5. God help me in aall my way let my way be donw

  6. Thank You Joseph Prince for being faithful to Him who has called you….The teaching you give is so right on and thru the word has proven you are a man after God heart….Thank You for putting up with the church that attacks you…We pray for you daily that His Blessing will continue to flow in you to us because His Love shines thru you…God blessings upon your family and His protection with your coming and going…One of your listeners of the lover of my soul The Lord Jesus Christ…

  7. Laura Homes says:

    Please pray for me I havehad an addiction for 30years I Give it to God then take it back He is my Lord and savior and I know apart from him I can do nothing and my life depends on quiting and still Im addicted I know God can deliver me My whole life has been abuse heart ak and pain even the church i was going to for twenty years changed and people turned on each other . Now im without church or friends but I know My Jesus is always with me. I feel lost I know God wants me to quit . Thank you sorry to ramble on thank you for any prayers I know God hears.

  8. Awah Louis Anye - Cameroon says:

    What a great Message. This bad habit was in me even right up to the last hours before watching this tape. WoW!!!!!!!!!

    Pastor Prince: Record this in your book of Testimony. Ever since I started following your message of Grace My life is not thesame. Everyday of my life I am Favoured before God and man. Above all promotion and Job openings are always by me. Sicknesses fear me and His Glory is manifested in me.

    Praise God….

  9. Mary Ann Broitzman says:

    I sure need this MessagePad to quit smoking,

  10. aman says:

    thank God for having a man like you Jeseus. you name have got power to change. man of god be blessed with the lord

  11. Awesome !!! says:

    This world needs more messages like this , God bless you always Pastor Prince. !!!

  12. Arthur and Shirley Curl says:

    Dear Joseph Prince,
    I can never say how wonderful your preaching and sharing Gods word has spoke to us in our home. I went through cancer in 2013 and your sharing Gods word with us made it so much easier to go through knowing how Gods Grace was with us every minute and how to pray to God for healing and he healed us in so many ways and yes the cancer.
    Thank you and Praise God!!!!! We Pray for you and your church to keep on sharing your
    Love through him
    Shirley Curl

  13. james mbugua says:

    you have been such a blessing to to so many!may the Lord give you more revelation and grace to bring the church to understanding of grace.GLORY TO GOD!and preach on past prince!

  14. Sahdiaman Saragih says:

    Yes. Lord Jesus is the only Supreme One who can set me free from my bad habits. Amen.

  15. kelebeletse says:

    your message always uplift me when I am down ,keep it up prince and pray for me to have faith in jesus name

  16. Dwight anderson says:

    This message is very liberating and exciting to know what Jesus did on the cross brings us in right standing with God when we accept it done for us.

  17. Thank you spirit of the living God for instiling the fear of the lord in me you’ve helped me to overcome the sinful life in jesus name hearing and reading the word also helps me to know the will of god

  18. Jessita balisi says:

    thr email messages i’m recieving stops.please continue sending me ptr.josept prince devotional messages.tnx so much.GOD BLESS

    • Team JP says: (Author)

      Hi Jessita,

      Thank you for your comment. If you have subscribed to the Meditate And Believe Right devotionals, please check your spam box. You should be able to find the emails there. Please ensure to uncheck them as Spam and they should be delivered to your inbox.

      Team JosephPrince


    thank u so much pastor for preaching the gospel of grace, we are so much blessed, may the good Lord continue to bless u and increase u , i have learnt a lot from your sermons i and my spiritual life has rapidly grown ever since i started listening to your sermons on light house television in Uganda. we love so much, YO BLESSED!

  20. Shalom Raj says:

    Pastor Prince… I’m really doing well in life today by the Grace of God and because of You and Your amazing preaching and teaching..:-) I’m so thankful to God for today’s technology, because even though I’m living in India, I can still see You everyday and learn so much… It’s my prayer that I’l some how once come to Your Church and listen to Your preaching.. Your preaching is so encouraging that I look forward for an amazing future of mine because I’m implementing what You teach in my daily life…
    With lots of love,
    Shalom Raj

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