Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 12 January 2014

God’s Good Opinion Of You Never Changes!



God always sees the best in you! In this revelatory message by Joseph Prince, understand how God’s acceptance of you in Christ the Beloved makes you His highly favored child. And this blessed position gives you every reason to expect good things happening to you! Learn also how your righteous standing in Christ remains constant despite your state—your changeable feelings about yourself or the challenges you face. Rejoice, knowing that in every area of weakness or failure, God’s good opinion of you never changes. Instead, His grace superabounds toward you to bring His manifested glory upon your life!




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God's Good Opinion Of You Never Changes! - Joseph Prince

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  1. Annette Nelson says:


  2. AHNERT says:


  3. Mats says:

    Hallelujah!! Holy spirit thank u for helping me to always look at my perfect standing before Father God because of Jesus, instead of my state. Jesus you really did finish everything!! You are fantastic, lovely and i want every day left here on earth to be about you. Help me to get out of all religious and ONLY into realationship with you Jesus. Holy spirit plz help me to see the way you see things.
    Blessings to u all!!!

  4. Gwen stevens says:

    GOD knew just what I needed this morning to get my day started right. I needed this message ,I was standing in a stat of wrong thinking,But because of hearing it it helped meto remember my standing in CHRIST, what GOD has done through HIS SON JESUS!!! To start my day with better thinking. GOD’S OPION OF US WOW !!! IT’S STILL ALL ABOUT JESUS AMEM AND AMEN!!! :)

  5. Jean says:

    Thank u Father for this Revelation that Your Good Opinion of me never changes. I am so Blessed, no matter what state I find myself in. Thank u Sir for giving to me what God gave to u, this is Truth Revealed. I will share with others this Truth . God Richly Bless Pastor Joseph.

  6. blessed val says:

    Hey beloved children of god,

    So blessed to know you are listening to the gospel..

    Just wanted to share a little about : repentance. Daphne has shared the root word ,sounds like “meta/noya” something like tat. Basically means to change one’s mind. So listening to gospel, and allowing the gospel to remove doubt n unbelief, to replace with the unconditional , unchangeable love, acceptance from God.

    To know everyday no matter what u do, did , didnt do. The Lord still loves and accepts u as who u r. But wait, His acceptance n love wont stop there. Slowly, as this truth sinks in.and gets more n more real to u… hey u change from the inside out. Not just changed,but transformed..u b a brand new creation,
    This is what listening to the gospel does to u, u cant help it.

    In fact, according to jp, as pple listen to grace filled teachings, they are Repenting = changing their minds from old beliefs that hold them in bondage to believing the power of the lord’s perfect redemptive work at the cross 2000 years ago!!

    Be blessed.

  7. catherine napoleon says:

    hello, i am so richly bless, God word is a light unto our feet and a lamb unto our path. I thank God for your teaching and puting it so simple to understand . I ve learn a lot I thank God for his word that transform my life . I am believing diffently, not religious.

    Thank you pastor Prince God will continue to give you the grace and strenght to preach the good news of grace.

    Every day I am having a smile on my face because i know now who I am in Christ and what He has done for me it not what i have to do , but accepting what he has done for me on the cross.

    I am a child of the king of kings and Lord of Lord. I am complete in Christ Jesus. I am sharing the good new I have received every single day. Amen Amen Amen.

  8. Gail Rectenwald says:

    Very informative and I truly enjoy Joseph Prince. My niece has bought me two of his books which I have truly enjoyed. Joseph can word the Bible so that we can understand and I feel the God sent him to us, if we will just listen. Joseph is truly a Blessing to mankind. He has my prayers to continue his good works.

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