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God Is No Longer Angry With You Today

God Is No Longer Angry With You Today


In this powerful message preached at Lakewood Church, Joseph Prince shows you from Scripture why God will never be angry with the believer. Discover how Jesus’ finished work has satisfied God’s anger against sin and ushered you into a covenant of grace and peace with Him. See from the Bible how God wants us, His children, to know Him as a gracious God, full of compassion toward us. Begin to believe right in a God of grace and not anger, and let Him love you into wholeness and meet your every need!

*Playback of Lakewood Sunday, 10 Nov 2013, 8:30am service




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God Is No Longer Angry With You Today - Joseph Prince

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  1. Mary says:


  2. Mona Pirih says:

    Amen.. That is really beautiful. Thank you Pastor..

  3. Thank you Father, for your Grace who is your son Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. In whom I have abundant life. Hallelujah!

  4. Ninan says:

    What a wonderful reminder that God doesn’t get angry with us believers any more? That means I do not need to get angry with my fellow believers. Jesus paid the price for each one. I guess we just need to be angry with the Devil and his works in the world.

  5. John Lugwisa says:

    Thank you God for your servant

  6. Craig Kpakor Tavershima says:

    Sir, how can i get some of your materials here in Nigeria. Can’t live without a day listening to the word of GOD through your mouth. Your my mentor & father. Thanks sir!

  7. Margaret says:

    Every time I use to look at the terrible things I have done in life and use to think God is so furious with that He does not even want to hear a word from. I thank God for the beautiful revelation. May God keep on blessing so you can keep on being a blessing to the world.

  8. Annette Nelson says:


  9. louis alexander says:

    i request prayer , in every area. of my life i wont all the soul ties broken off ,my life. all the stronghold of the enemy over my life

  10. Chris paul says:

    Thank you my father. You are wonderful. Thank you for redeeming man from sin

  11. Robert van der Berg says:

    in the 1970′s God spoke to me about this grace and when I told my pastor he and the elders of the church shot me down in flames and told me I would go to hell if I believed and taught such a message. three years ago I read Joseph Prince’s book “Unmerited Favour” and God spoke to me again and it has changed me completly. thanks Pastor Prince. this is now my lifestyle. God is awesome

  12. Estiblinkz. says:

    God is so good and i love Him because He first loved me for who I am.

  13. Crystal says:

    Thank you for this word,Pastor Prince…I truly need to remember this on a daily basis!!!

  14. Adedayo says:


  15. Wenney Mary says:

    Praise the lord,I love you God bcause you loved me for who I am

  16. Denise Royster says:

    I attended The New Jersey, Conference it was AWESOME. I’m glad to hear some of the
    Service from the Lakewood Church, But I have’t seen anything about the New Jersey Conference, I probably have missed it. I would like to purchase that CD.

  17. christie says:

    Pray for me. I want 2get a true life companion

  18. sartika kusnohadi says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus to revealed the revelation of God grace through your great servant P.Joseph Prince, so we no longer be deceived by the enemy. We knew that you are merciful God, gracious, slow to anger, full of compassion.
    I prayed that God will reveal more revelation about His word to you, so you will become a blessing to the world.

  19. yomiisaac says:

    Awesome Words! From an awesome man of God. My encounter with Joseph Prince have encouraged me to start a blog. GraceBank is a blog inspired by the messages of my mentor and the set man of my life(Pst Joseph Prince). I love you sir.

  20. johnny walls says:

    Pastor, thank you for all your doing.Grace is the biggest part of my life.

  21. walt says:

    Met a woman today who when I asked if she was Christian said she tried the born again thing, but it didn’t work. I almost lost it. I then said she was caught in sin guilt that would make her think that and to simply receive Grace. She said she had seen Joseph Prince before and I told her to watch everyday if possible.

    I told her she probably became a child of God back then, and just needs to realize God’ s love for her to know Him better. I hope all I said will help her and was what God purposed.

  22. Gloria says:

    Thank you FATHER, for sending your only SON the SON You love to die for me while I was dead in my sin. Thank you JESUS my King , Everlasting, Father, Wonderful Counselor Mighty GOD, Prince Peace, for getting up out of that grave conquering satan and making us righteous and declaring us not guilty and sending THE HOLY SPIRIT who brings GOD’S GRACE. Thank you for your WORD revealing to us who JESUS is as HE shows us what you are like FATHER. Thank you for the transforming power of The GOSPEL The GOOD NEWS about CHRIST ” The power of GOD unto salvation to those who believe” Thank you for using my brother Joseph to put in words what I always believed where the world can hear especially your church to experience your perfect righteous love toward us and we can extend that same love and grace to whosoever and we can be about our Saviors business making disciples. “it is written upon this rock I will build my church & the gates of hell shall not prevail” in JESUS NAME my faith is in you alone and your FINISHED WORK ON THE CROSS

  23. Gedion says:

    Dear pastor,God given you an amazing grace in brighting his words

  24. patricia benherschel says:

    I love this msg. I need to hear the message of Grace every day or I slide back into guilt and condemnation. I have had many years of religious training and teachings of mixture and guilt and I want more than anything to have a mind set of grace and walk in His truth and grace. I am so greatful for the beautiful message of grace and for Pastor Prince who blesses us every day with the true gospel. So so greatful………….

  25. carol deptula says:

    thank you for your grace based messages im blessed by them!

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