Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 19 January 2014

Discover Where Life Happens

Discover Where Life Happens


Where does supply flow and where are God’s goodness, fullness and power found? Your search ends here as Joseph Prince shows you why the church of Jesus Christ is where life happens. The church isn’t some brick-and-mortar building, but the body of Christ made up of precious believers. At the helm is Christ Himself, and because He is head over all things—the One who holds all things together and who never fails—where better to plant yourself and your family? Begin to walk in your authority as a believer and enjoy a truly flourishing life through a fresh revelation of the Lord’s church!




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Discover Where Life Happens - Joseph Prince

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  1. Li says:

    Is there a way to get this message in full in video format?

    • Team JP says: (Author)

      Hi Li,

      Thank you for your comment. We do not have this message in video format as of now. Stay tuned to JosephPrince.com for the latest DVD albums and resources.

      Team Joseph Prince

  2. CAROL D. DUIRANTE says:


  3. Melbs Aquino says:

    Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus for the amazing grace you have given me. I love you my God and my Savior.

  4. Portia Ramabulana says:

    Amen thank you my Pastor for bringing the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ- His Beauty and His Love back to the church. I give God Glory and Honer for your precious life Pastor Prince . Great Grace!!!

  5. Kate says:


  6. Fortune says:

    Thanks pastor for expounding the Word of God to me. I now understand how great the Love that the Father Himself has for me and His Truth has set me free from all forms of bondages. I now know that am fully blessed and I am the Lord’s Beloved.

  7. Kim Sells says:

    I thank Jesus, that he has provided Abundance of Grace and of the Gift of Righteousness, so that I may Reign in Life now, on this earth today and every day. I believe in His complete finished work on the Cross ! Thank you, Pastor Prince for sharing.

  8. Lura Denny says:

    Praise Jesus for the messages that Pastor Prince teaches us! I thirst for the Word of God and learn EVERYDAY!!

  9. wanda says:

    I have loved Jesus almost all my life, but now I understand how he loves me. Thank you for making Jesus shine!!!

  10. Mary Coyne says:

    I’ve been reading your book “Power of Right Believing” and I’ve truly been blessed. I am enjoying it so much. I cry when I read some of the chapters, they are so powerful and so annoited. I also watch your program on TBN in the mornings and it makes my day so beautiful and enjoyable. Thank you so much for your messages of grace and the love of God for us. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I have read all of your Books and enjoyed them immensely. I will tell my friends about your latest Book. Thank you so very much.

  11. Annette Nelson says:

    I thank and praise the LORD that I serve in the House of GOD.

  12. Forever Free says:

    #232 Soul Prosperity – another one added to my latest compilation for next purchase of JPM sermons!. Who is more awesome in teaching the Word of God, unveiling Jesus and also preaching it so beautifully as to always paint a picture of the love of God and His Grace ‘to us ward’ that never fails or ever could to draw us closer and more in love and hence builds faith!! And…what is the key to this walk if it’s not Faith? The just – that’s me :) …the Righteousness of God in Christ! – shall live by faith. Glory! Hallelujah! So blessed I’m in this time of Pastor Prince. Thank You, Holy Spirit, that I could receive!

  13. Pamela Gordon says:

    Your Grace is sufficient for me Lord!

  14. Daughter of the Most High God says:

    Grateful to God for the revelation being expounded by Pastor Prince. I can’t wait to hear the next message whether devotional page or book or preaching service. It seems that your 30 min spot on TBN is only seconds and leaves me wanting more and more. I have had to unlearn more than I have learned over the past 2 or 3 years after hearing this message of Grace. May God bless your ministry immensely and my prayer is that the university students will be exposed to this message. I have first hand experience with a person attending university that has chosen to live a lifestyle that God does not approve. This person was bullied and a lonely person all through junior high and high school and upon entering college ,he was overpowered with acceptance and approval that he was drawn into this lifestyle because of love and acceptance which he did not get from the “Christians” in his life prior to college. This is not excusing the sin , this is explanation of the route in which he got to this point . My prayer and my prayer request is that all who read this will join me in praying for this person and all universities for the Holy Spirit to empower the children of God and seek to win the souls and a glorious manifestation of GOD would occur and salvation would overtake the universities and turn our country and the world around.

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