Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 29 December 2013

How To Live Free From The Curse

How To Live Free From The Curse


Feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over your life? Then get ready to be set free and blessed as you listen to this liberating message from Joseph Prince. Learn how you have every right to live free from any curse, because Jesus took your place of a cursed life at the cross, and gave you the blessed life He deserves. Begin to walk in freedom from sickness, lack and every negative thing that has plagued your life as you believe powerful truths about Jesus’ finished work. It’s time to break free and live a victorious and abundant life!




How to Live Free from the Curse - Joseph Prince

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  1. Bernie Piazza says:

    Amen! Like others have said, please make these video clips available purchase in full length DVD or MP4 for download. Thank you.

  2. sharen seneviratne says:

    Very blessed by your sharing. HEARING…so simple yet so powerful! Miracles in my life are ongoing as I tune in more and more to the voice of Jesus. Thank you Pastor JP and may God continue to bless you with wisdom and understanding.

  3. Bro.O.C. says:

    Glory !!!!! To God in the Highest . Praise Yeshua !!!!! What a timely word from Jesus.

  4. Anne Murray says:

    What a blessing to hear God’s word! I am healed of all diseases in Jesus’ name. I am no longer cursed. Amen.

  5. Terri says:

    Every time I hear Pastor Joseph Prince preach I am so encouraged and am so thankful for his ministry. Thank you Pastor. Thank you Jesus.

  6. nkamlets says:

    God’ s love is so wonderful! Thank so much for loving us father! Awesome message pastor!


    i believe that jesus paid the price that we can have life more abundantly


    GOD bless you pastor your words are really encouraging, be blessed

  9. nani says:


  10. Gina says:


  11. Toyin Atoyebi. says:

    I Praise God for using you! more of His anointing over you, in Jesus name, Amen!!! Please join me in praying for total healing in my life, in Jesus name, Amen!!!

  12. (Carlos Prince) says:

    Love the message

  13. (Carlos Prince) says:

    Love the message and may god bless you always

  14. Carol Shaw says:

    The CD is now available on iTunes. I bought it and it is fantastic and liberating!

  15. Nol Jean says:

    God was so great!!! I am so thankful for this message..I am so blessed to heard this.. more power and revelation for you pastor JP!!!

  16. kobs florah says:

    Amen in jesus’ name . i live becouse of all the reasons as to why jeus suffured graciouslly up to the point of death and i proclaim to live becouse of those very reasons in my future up to ma very last breath beouse he resurected. amen!

  17. Toluwase says:

    Thank you Lord for taking away my curses…..hallelujah

  18. Patricia Graafland says:

    Awesome message. Thank You Holy Spirit.

  19. Rudigar rabgar says:

    hello Joseph prince i want to tell you that you are favorite pastor in the world and that you bless me every time you preach.but i am 17 years old and i found myself under one of the curse you mention (feeling oppressed, not prospering and under stress) but when i was listening to this sermons it was going so sweet but unfortunately it finished to early. so i desperately need your advice in how exactly to be free and why it happens to believers. thank you very much and may Jesus bless you in abundance . bye

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