Today's Devotional, June 05

God Abundantly Supplies All Your Needs


And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

According to this verse, you are rich. You are not trying to be rich. It does not matter how much you are earning or how much you have in your bank account. You are rich because as your need arises, God’s supply will be there for you.

This was the case for a church member who worked as a consultant. For months, he could not secure any major deals. But while attending one of our church camps held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he received a word on financial prosperity. After the camp, he extended his stay in Kuala Lumpur and bumped into an old friend who gave him a big project that paid a huge sum! He needed a major breakthrough and God abundantly supplied his need.

In the Bible, there is an account of a couple who had a big need on their wedding day. They had run out of wine. Now, you would expect wedding couples to know how many guests to expect on their big day and to plan accordingly. But perhaps this couple did not have the money to buy enough wine. Whatever the reason was, Jesus saved them from embarrassment and shame. He saved the day when He supplied their need by miraculously turning six pots of water into top-quality wine. (John 2:1–10) Our Lord Jesus abundantly supplied the need of that couple.

Beloved, whatever needs you have, God wants you to know that His supply will be there for you. You have His Word for it. He promises that He will supply all your needs, not just some. And He will supply all your needs according to and not out of His riches. This means that He lines up from A to Z all His riches for your supply! All His riches are yours!

My friend, rejoice that you are rich “according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. This is far greater and more dependable than the temporal riches that you might have from any earthly source!

Thought For The Day
God lines up all His riches for your supply! All His riches are yours!

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  1. Sandhya D'Mello says:


  2. Caren Cheng says:


  3. Big Ron says:

    Amen ! Praise God Hallelujah, Hallelujah. I receive I receive I receive it all in Jesus mighty name. Our God is an awesome God He is wonderful, He truely love us and I love Him.

  4. Pearl says:

    Amen! I’m wealthy for God said it in His word. Thank u Pastor Joseph for your teachings we love you

  5. ademola says:

    I am rich because Christ is my source of wealth Amen

  6. nthabiseng seerane says:

    thank you God.

  7. Olumide says:

    Jehovah Jireh is my God and my LORD. Praise God!

  8. Johny Akansag Bera says:

    Halelluja Amen

  9. Teswill says:


  10. Edmund Augustine says:

    When i listen to Pastor Joseph Prince preach on DVD or from any other source.I feel alive.I just listened to one of your DVD (The Secret of Renewal of Youth),now i can speak in tongue more better.Praise to Lord Jesus.I believe that Pastor Prince preaching is fully inspired by Holy Spirit,in the Name of Christ Jesus Amen…..

  11. Patricia Graafland says:

    Father God, Yeshua the Messiah You lavish us with all Your riches by grace because You Yourself loves us and cares for us. Shalom to all.

  12. Bi Marial says:

    I was not really aware about me being a tycoon until i read this message of God from pastor prince.thank you pastor for this revelation.amen

  13. simangele says:

    Thank you Lord that i don’t have to be worried about my needs as long as you are in charge i rest.

  14. Veronique Jordaan says:

    I believe it and receive it ,Your riches are mine because of Christ, Amen!!!!!!

  15. Gloria Price says:

    Amen and Amen to that. Jesus is the provision, the source and the life. Abundantly, abundant beyond your dreams. Thank you Jesus for giving me life abundantly above my what I could dream, ask or hope. Thank you for giving us Pastor Prince who gives us revelation knowledge multiplied by infinitely to the depths of forever. You promised us Transference of Wealth to your people called by your name and we receive it, Amen.

  16. Angela Wilson says:

    Thank you Abba for your many blessings. Thanks you Pastor Prince for reminding us what we have in Jesus Christ.

  17. Vanessa says:


  18. Jean says:

    Thank you Father for blessing me so I can be a help in establishing your covenant and be a blessing to others?

  19. Debbie says:

    Thank you Jesus i believe in your promises, You said in your word your shall supply all my needs according to your glorious in riches which is in Christ Jesus!!!

  20. Nkosithabile Dube says:

    Thank You Lord Jesus for making me Rich.

  21. Paula Gaskins says:

    I’m in agreement. Amen and Amen, Praise God Most High!

  22. Olapitan Ogunbona says:

    Yes!!!..His riches are lined up for my supply.

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