Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 01 January 2012

The Year Of Unceasing Fruitfulness



What are your hopes and dreams for 2012? Don’t let pessimistic reports discourage or put fear in you. Based on God’s Word, you can believe that you’ll have a fantastic year! In his first message of 2012, Joseph Prince delivers God’s word for this year—unceasing fruitfulness. Discover God’s promise of how you can thrive and experience increase even in times of economic drought. What’s the key to being fruitful, youthful and healthy, and prospering in all that you do? Get the answer in this powerful message. Let 2012 be the best year you’ve ever had!


The Year of Unceasing Fruitfulness - Joseph Prince



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  1. Sarah Laforge says:

    I love this word. I will meditate on this! Thank you Jesus for your unceasing fruitfulness!!! Amen!

  2. Sue Frye says:

    Thank you Pastor Prince. When will you be coming to South Africa. We need you badly. How do we go about ‘persuading’ you. You and your Ministry are such an inspiration – but would love to sit under your word.
    Thank you for your daily blessings

  3. June B says:

    Thank You Lord God, for this Your Word to me for unceasing fruitful increase throughout 2012. I receive this Word for my life in every way and in all things. Praise You and thank You Lord for giving us Ps. Prince and for his faithfulness to preach the Gospel of Grace. Bless you and your loved ones, and those who serve alongside of you. Ps. Prince

  4. Truth Being preached.AMEN! says:

    The Lord gives discernment and grace to all who believe. Pastor Prince follows grace to teach and bring God’s people into close relationship with Him. I believe this IS TRUTH that our heavenly Father wants us to hear and recieve. AMEN!

  5. Vitra M S says:

    I claim unceasing fruitfulness in 2012 for myself and my family according to your word Jesus. I claim total healing for my mother this year. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Vanessa Boman says:

    thank you so much for your teaching, love it and am growing so much right now.. coming up out of poverty mind set.. glory to God…

  7. Feby G. says:


    Im not kidding you, these past days since new year, each time I wake up in the morning. I asked myself what bible verse that I would meditate on. I know in my heart, I want to meditate on God’s word. Although I am still learning to remind myself, I thank God He puts the desire in my heart for this.
    Each time I came to this thought, I kinda asked myself what bible verse I remember and wants to meditate in it.

    I dont even remember the chapter/verse. I just know its in the bible somewhere. Everytime I bring this thoughts, my heart speaks, “You shall be like a tree planted by the water…” So I meditate on this scripture. Repeat it, think about it, talk to myself in the mirror.

    AND look what I found today! This sermon! What a confirmation! God established His words that He put in my heart through Ps.Prince sermon!
    I am wonderfully blessed, just knowing and realizing how God really connect Himself to us, bring so much joy, so much peace and so liberating!

    I believe this is not just for me, but also for all His children all over the world and for Ps.Prince ministries. Thank you Jesus. Thank you that you’ve gone ahead on this 2012 and confirmed this to us that this would be the year of Unceasing Fruitfulness! GLORY TO YOU JESUS! Hallelluyaaa!!!

  8. Sheryl Lim says:

    Dear Pastor
    Your sermons always cheer me up. Thank YOU Lord, I’m believing that this is the year of
    unceasing fruitfulness is for me and I will wake up every morning with Bible Hope
    (alpis) and proclaim Jeremiah 17:5-8 and that this is my best year yet.
    The year of unceasing fruitfulness. In Jesus Name AMEN

  9. Lucia Fox says:

    I actually heard today that the West/Northwest of United States is experiencing so far a “snow drought” which could mean serious conditions. Thought that was interesting considering I just heard Joseph’s sermon on “Unceasing Fruitfulness” in drought. Thank you Lord. God is Faithful!! is Awesome and I will trust in Him!! Amen See the Lord went ahead of me and already told me of His supply for this year. God is Good!

  10. Colette says:

    Thank you Jesus for this word spoken through Pastor Prince and thnk you for always being obedient to the Holy spirit. A YEAR OF UNCEASING FRUITFULLNESS!!I recieve it. Bless you Pastor and your team!

  11. Shelia Angel, Child of God, HIS Servant, HIS Angel says:

    tu Father Abba & Tu Lord Jesus fer Pastor Joseph Prince & his Ministires!!! Bless us & Keep us all O Lord, be with us and let this be so! I stand in agreement with all your Saints Father Abba, hear our prayers! ( where 2 or more agree, by Faith, it shall be given to us by you Father Abba, Jesus sayz so! A’men! ) we agree, by Faith fer all these things to come to pass! Bless us O Father! we love you an Gloryify YOU Father Abba an we adore you Lord Jesus our precious Saviour and KING! Hallieuajhs! Glory be to God! tu Father Abba & tu Lord Jesus! we come in an by Jesus mighty name, A’men! & A’men! tu Father Abba & tu Lord Jesus! Glory be to God! Bless The Lord! Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord! Praize God! tu Pastor Joseph Prince… :) Sha’lom

  12. Christina Edmiston says:


  13. Twyla Russell says:

    Thanks pastor Joesph for the wonderful word of God!!

  14. gefrey van rooyen says:

    I am blessed by this massage, i pray that the Holy Spirit keep on reminding me this scriptures.


    Hi Pastor Joe,I have just listened to your messages on you tube.You are an apostle of favour.I love you.

  16. Jean says:

    Praise the Lord – what a wonderful word to begin the year 2012. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Pastor Prince, when I look at and hear your broadcasts, I feel like I’ve just eaten a wonderful, delicious meal, so satisfied, so blesseed! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much! The Word satisifies!!!!!

  17. Jo Pas says:

    Keep our eyes on the lovely one , Jesus, we can stay GREEN.
    All Glory to God

  18. DEEANNA ROSE says:


  19. Madline says:

    Thank You, Pastor Prince for preaching the truth to me. I love you, your family and church. You are truly sent by our Abba Father to me to teach me more about the Gospel Revolution.

  20. Marlyn Torres says:

    I receive this word for myself and my family this year, unceasing fruitfulness in all areas of our lives. Thank you Lord for your unceasing love, we bless you for the life of dear pastor Joseph Prince

  21. Jaymon says:

    Wow! Even b4 i listened to this, the Lord already spoke to me that this year is going to be d year of fruitfulness! Amen!

  22. zeny says:

    Hallelujah…Yes i believe jeremiah 17:7-8 Amen ,Daddy God,tnk you my beautiful savior Jesus Christ…Grace and Peace to all…….

  23. Geoff Powell, London says:

    Pastor Prince,

    Thank you for preaching the uncompromised word of truth. I heard a segment of one of your sermons once and went to check you out online. I found a number of videos of detractors telling me how wrong you were, how you were preaching a false gospel and how your teaching was dangerous. I thought to myself, I’ve probably got to hear more of his teaching then if all these modern day Pharisees and Sadducees are coming against him. I’ve been watching some You Tube clips of you this morning and you’re getting me pumped up to go to church. Thank you for the wonderful teaching and thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, thereby being a blessing to the Body of Christ.

    In Him,

    Geoff Powell

  24. rohini says:

    thanks bro to provide us holy bread is is we need to day to day plz request to u that every day update atleas one word and god bless u and ur ministries ur family

  25. JBo says:

    Great word! As always &. Very very timely from a “true man of God!!!!” Praise the Lord!!!! Thank you so much Pastor Prince! Please keep on keeping on in Jesus Name!!!

  26. Deluwa says:

    Pst, thank u 4 availing urself for God to use u. You are indeed a channel of blessing to me particularly. Thank u sir.

  27. Laura Romanillos says:

    Every day is blessing for me and my family ! Your ministry has given me true understanding and relationship with my Precious father Jesus!

  28. Ratson Tay says:

    The year of favor. The year of promotion, The year of divine health. The year of unprecedented miracles and breakthrough and the year of unceasing fruitfulness. What God speaks, He will bring it to pass. In the mouth of 2 0r 3 witnesses, it shall be established. Believe in the words of God and believe in His prophetic words you shall prosper. Jesus does it for us in 2012.

  29. evangeline says:

    thank you for this sermon on unceasing fruitfulness especially during these economic times. You are a blessing

  30. Japhne says:

    Thank you pastor Prince through your teachings I have got a completely new view of chrisitanity now… I believe in the gospel of grace… Earlier I had a wrong understanding of bible and chrisitanity and felt it a burden to be a christian… Now I am set free and am really grateful to my God… Praise God

  31. cely salcedo says:

    Thank U Jesus that true Ptr joseph Prince you gave me hope . Thank u for d wonderful messages this is my year of unceassing fruitfullness thank u thank u .

  32. Ramatu says:

    Thank you.

  33. Jeremiah Neo says:

    Dearest Pastor Prince,

    You know how you have the healing promises book? Can you do the same for versuses you feel are good ones for us to mediate on please? :)

    Thank you! God bless you abundantly and we receive the overflow!!

    W love, your church member,

    Jeremiah Neo

  34. Christina Fernandez says:

    Indeed we are blessed because of Him. Continue the good work.

  35. josette says:

    I bind my self to the will of God over my life, and my entire household, to be inceasing fruitfulness for the blessed woman. Allelujah! Merci, Thank you Pastor Prince.
    I am reading every day your books as my quiet time, and I have a ball : journal of Destined to Reign, 100 days of favours, and listen to your tv programme first, and thank you for your book on Spiritual Warfare; now i just keep on speaking in tongue! I tell you Pastor Prince over and over YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I love your teaching and I am closer to my Sleeping Partner and New true husband. BRAVO! BRAVO! God bless you, your family, your church, and all of us who follows you! {When the new baby is due?} My warmest regards to your familly. Josette

  36. Rosalie says:

    Pastor Joseph Prince, thank you for being obedient to God our heavenly father and for taking this message of grace & truth to us. I have been sitting at God’s banqueting table for over 40 years now and am just beginning to feel like the guests felt at the wedding when Jesus performed his first miracle, of turning water into wine. “Leaving the best for last” That’s how hearing this message of grace makes me feel. There is so much love in my life now for EVERYONE. I loved GOD before, HE was my first love but now I love HIM with a new zeal and desire to get closer on a daily basis…. When I think of the KING of kings & LORD of lords coming down to my level to rescue me, it takes my breath away.

    Thank you for your prophetic word for the year 2012. I receive this in the name of Jesus Christ & I will be memorizing the scripture from Jeremiah 17: 5-8. I have always been saying Psalm 1: 1-6 over my life and have found comfort, but this scripture from Jeremiah hits the need/spot. Thank you again and may GOD continue to direct your paths & keep you safe under HIS wings! I AM BELIEVING FOR RAIN IN THIS TIME OF ECONOMIC DROUGHT! AMEN.

  37. Leah Pachal says:

    Jesus said that we, who follow after Him, would suffer Persecution in this world. To me, when persecution comes (I, too, am a minister who suffers great persecution) it serves as a CONFIRMATION that the TRUTH I am sharing and the Gospel message of God’s gracious gift of GRACE AND FAVOR given to us all in the Person of Jesus, Our Lord and Our Savior, is the PASSIONATE WILL OF GOD FOR THIS WORLD TO HEAR AND TO KNOW. We must count ourselves BLESSED when we are persecuted for Righteousness sake..U R BLESSED Pastor Prince when you are condemned and criticized for your message of Grace and Favor! Continue on with Ur wonderful message of the rewards which come as we “behold Jesus in all of His beauty and His Glory. You have been chosen “for just such a time as this” to open the eyes of our understanding to the wonderful revelation being shown to you continually by The Holy Spirit of Truth,Patterns, and Types living within God’s Holy Word. Let persecution, when it comes, serve as as an even greater MOTIVATION to you to preach your messages about GRACE AND THE FAVOR OF GOD given to us in the finished work of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, on the Cross of Calvary with even greater determination and passion; for surely it is the WILL OF GOD that you share these TRUTHS with the world today. It is your DESTINY IN GOD and we rejoice in this, your calling!

  38. juanita says:

    God woke me 4 O’clock one morning giving me the urge to watch TV (which I seldom have). So I saw you for the first time and was so blessed. Since then I havn’t stopped watching you. You are a blessing in my life and teaching me so much. I grew up under the law, have been a Chritian for about 20 years and have never seen the grace in the situation. Thank you for preaching what God wants you to preach. I would also love you to come to South Africa, please consider. I truly thank God for you and pray that He will rise up more like you. Be blessed!

  39. Jeffrey says:

    God is faithful and this year 2012 is indeed good. Every month starting from January 2012, I am counting the blessing from God and till now in April, God never fail in giving me at least one blessing per month.

    Still counting and expecting more blessing from God for the month of May to December 2012 and beyond.

  40. Isabelle says:

    amen, i believe, i receive this word in Jesus name, i ll get the dvd and meditate on it day and night, it is so in Jesus name

  41. renate says:

    I love to listen to Pastor Prince sermons through His sermon I am learning to love Jesus and what He has done for me . thank you in Jesus name

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