Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 13th November 2011

Grace Revolution



In his first live preaching session in the United States at Lakewood Church, Joseph Prince unveils the loveliness of Jesus and the glory of His grace in an uplifting and powerful message. Experience God’s love and grace afresh as Joseph shows you from one Bible story to another, the greater glory of grace and its power to radically transform broken and defeated lives. This Jesus-centered message will refuel your faith, shift your focus from self to Christ and purge every sense of condemnation and hopelessness, as God’s amazing grace is unleashed in abundant measure in your life!

*Recorded live at Lakewood Church, Houston


Grace Revolution - Joseph Prince



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  1. Breezy Harmon says:

    Congradulations, congradulations, congradulations!!! Babies are cool. I am the step-mom of two wonderful girls. I am hoping to become pregnant. I am so very happy for you and Wendy and Big Sister Jessica. I don’t even have to tell you because you already know; but God will be merciful to your children for a thousand generations. I know you know God will bless you and Wendy with long life that you may see your children’s children. Blessed be the Name of th Lord. I declare good days for you and your family in Jesus’ Mighty Name. A-men.

  2. Pat Oliver says:

    What a great cheerful gathering of people unto Jesus. Pity this is so short, we here in New Zealand tend to miss out on some of these good things, but God has a way of getting through. Many thanks for sharing this, really appreciate Joel Austine, Joseph Prince, and Matt & Laurie Crouch. Blessings

  3. FRANCIS HWONG says:

    Shalom Pastor Prince,
    Please let me know whether your church sell any DVD or VCD or not. I would like to purchase your message that you have shared in Lakewood Church, Houston.
    Thank you.

    • Team JP says: (Author)

      We are looking to make this available soon. For other messages by Joseph Prince, please visit our store.

      • Coen Venter says:

        I saw on your reoly that there is a possibility that the sermon at Lakewood Church will be available on DVD. Will you inform me when it happens to enable me to buy a copy.


  4. Robert Karger says:

    The message of Grace is one that will help set you free from a religious mind set and give you a understanding of relationn ship, thus setting you free .

  5. Beverly says:

    Pastor Prince, I was so blessed to be in the house that weekend. You taught the Word of Grace afresh and Let us know that Jesus is All together Lovely. Praise God. I was visiting from Maryland and could not have invested in a better investment. I love the Gospel of Grace. Bless you, Pastor Joseph.

    Yes, I am the Benjamin Generation….Same Mother (Grace) Same Father (LORD)!!!!

  6. Troy Shows says:

    Pastor Prince,
    Thank you for finally coming to the USA to bring the gospel of grace. I have been watching you and listening to your sermons daily for 4 years. You have been such a blessing to me and my family. I could not believe that your first message to teach in the US was 6 hours from my home, it was a great time. I meet a husband and wife sitting next to me who were from Houston. They had never heard you before and did not know what to expect. Throughout your message I could hear him saying “wow”. I spoke to him after and he seemed so excited about your message and the gospel of grace. You keep planting seeds we will keep watering and the Lord will make it grow.

  7. Violet says:

    So awesome & so refreshing. We so much need to hear this message of Grace in ALL our churches.

  8. Sonia Pape says:

    I flew in from Chicago to Houston and I will do it all over again. The presence of Jesus was so tangible I got healed right on my seat. I recommend ALL 3 services :)

  9. Madline says:

    Thank You, Christ Jesus for Your finished work. Grace and Truth came through You. You are Grace and Truth.

  10. Donna says:

    Thank you Joseph prince for submitting ur self and taking up The cross and following Jesus. In my walk with Jesus my savior since 1980. I have been under law and Grace. I have been of no effect. Still have been listening to Jp ministry and it’s so hard to get the law and Grace divided. By Grace and Truth through the Holy Spiirit we will learn. Be blessed America. Donna

  11. Victoria Davies says:

    LORD JESUS Thank You for Your unmerited GRACE You Came and give to me ‘us’.i appreciates you LORD Thank You Convenant keeping God

  12. Child of God says:

    Joseeepphh ….Your blessed to be a blessing!!! Your message TRANSFORMED my life a couple years ago… It released me from the pit of guilt and condemnation that the church placed on me with their religous bondage… This GRACE revelation has to be revealed to the WHOLE world to free us from the accuser, so we can walk in our TRUE identity and the work of Jesus and what He did on the cross!! I can’t say enough how much you blessed my life!! I was planning to come to Singapore but God KNEW that and sent you here to Houston instead… Not so far for us to go from Montana… Oh the FAVOR of GOD, He is AMAZING!!! Hope to see you in Israel also… GOD BLESS YOU and Wendy and Jessica and Baby to be!!!

  13. Elfreda Williams says:

    Thank you Joseph Prince for sharing…..Could you please make it to India. It would be a delight to see you in person once again and hear on unmerited favor. I saw & heard you once in Singapore. Thank You Lord for JP.

  14. Sarah Garza says:

    Thank you for sending daily messages. When. I turn on phone in the morning it’s the 1st message that appears. Instant smile reading and praising God. When I’m finished reading I can hear you in the back ground saying God wants you to Reign. Love your music, in .which I will be ordering soon. Your messages have taught me so much.

  15. Yvette Alexander says:

    I’m so glad that we now have GRACE under the blood of Jesus. Laws are nothing but a big “rule book” that God knew we could not follow so HE sent HIS one & only SON to die for us so that we may be washed of all of our transgressions.

    There is nothing God would not do for you!


  17. Wayne Chacon says:

    Brother and Pastor Joseph, I want to say Congrats to You and Wendys pregnancy and send Blessings to your daughter Jessica. I was Truly Blest to be there in Houston all 3 services. God has truly blest you with the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of CHRIST and also with the Gift of Teaching like no one I know today.
    Gods message of Grace that You minister has truly changed my life and and the way I see and think of myself in HIM. “Right Thinking produces Right Living” PRAISE GOD!!! Thank You JESUS for my Brother Joseph Prince

  18. Wayne Chacon says:

    Right Believing produces Right Living

  19. Joyce Massey says:

    Pastor Prince, I will pray that God give a son .Amen

  20. Yvette Soubirous says:

    Thank you for setting your course straight on the gospel of Grace. I once told the Lord that unless He helped me to really understand the good news, I couldn’t share it. I was hesitant because of condemnation. I am listening to the Grace Capsule, and focusing, trying to hold onto the Truth. There is mixture at my church, and I feel like I’m on an emotional roller-coaster. I come in high and hopeful, pastor brings us down and at the end, he picks us up. I wish I could’ve been there, in Texas, but I prayed for you. I’m glad I got a chance to view a piece of it, just now. God bless you and your growing family. You have helped me to rightly divide the Word. Many thanks! Pray God will give me the words to speak when my pastor asks me into his office to correct me. You are changing the churches in America, Pastor Prince!!! Thank you for keeping your sermons light. I need to laugh. Plus you slowly read the Bible verses. This helps me. You highlight important parts of scripture. This helps me, too. I am visual, and your props help me as well. Thanks to your team and supporters for bringing you into my home. I watch TCT at midnight and 10:30 am, and other channels at 11 am and 12, until I thoroughly understand your sermon. I am 45 years old, a Catholic converted to Baptist in 1988. Taught Sunday School to preschool 4′s for 10 years or more. (The first Baptist youth group I went to visit in highschool was Chinese! Of course they spoke English.) It’s interesting that God brought it full circle. You are teaching me what my pastor cannot. Thank you! Yvette

  21. Wayne Chacon says:

    To Pastor Prince and The New Creation Church staff memebers….
    Could you please tell me the (titles and/or reference #’s) to the CD teaching of the meaning for numbers in the bible. By “Numbers” I mean like the #5 is for Grace and #17 is for victory and so on. I would really like to order that teaching, and also the teaching on the correct way for receiving communion. I’d really appreciate it, if you all could help me out!!!!
    Much Love in CHRIST
    Your Brother Wayne

    • Jo Lee says:

      I’m not a staff member, but I believe the CD sermon you are looking for is #0247 “Abundance And Strength In The Presence of Jesus” where the disciples caught 153 fishes when told by our resurrected Lord to cast the net.

    • Team JP says: (Author)

      We have a collection of teachings on the holy communion in Books, DVDs, CDs and MP3s. Simply proceed to our store via the links above, and do a search on ‘holy communion’.

      You can also do a search on the title Jo Lee recommended for your teaching on meaning of numbers in the bible.

  22. Desiree Fields says:

    Pastor Prince….ur awesome! U impart such truth in its basic form. Thanks for keeping me in the WORD.

  23. Essie Little says:

    God has given Pastor Prince his true good news gospel and his deep revelation of his unending love towards us The Fact is we have for so long threw his gift of rightiouness in his face. We have come as thieves with our law driven works till the Lord had to tell me years ago that I insulted him by trying to earn My Fathers approvial through dead works. He made see my struggling to keep the law drove me to dispare and insulted him. He told me its the parable of the thief tying to enter the kingdom by stelth.He also let me see me at my best effort to keep the 10 commandments.He said they were given to us to bring us to the end of ourselves knowing that We all needed a savior cause we could never keep the law on our own. That is why Yahushua said if you think a thought of murder lust are evil you have committed it.We will only be sinless when we except the Gift he provided as our Savior andLord. Thank God you gave us his word and not your opinion.and yes the Lord told me several months ago you would ahve a child in fact it was about 4 months ago.

  24. Ann Crosslin says:

    What a time in the Lord it was in Houston! I was so blessed to have been able to be there to hear Pastor Prince and the message of Grace. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord’s calling on your life and for helping us all learn and re-learn God’s message. What a blessing you and your ministry are. Congratulations to you and your family for the baby to be born to you. May God continue to bless you and your family to be a blessing to the world…until Jesus comes!

  25. Joseph mallon says:

    I and my family have followed your teachings for several years now, and we are so glad to see that you have finally come to the USA. I have a praise report for you.

    I recently began a study of your teaching on communion and as a result, my wife and I began having communion each evening before I go to work. We read out loud the daily devotional from your book for that day and discuss it. Then I read from your booklet on holy communion and we take the bread and the wine according to it. Then we pray for whatever the holy spirit has prompted us to seek from the Lord. On my way to work , about an hour drive, I speak in tongues.

    I believe that as a result of seeking the Lord in this manner, he has blessed us in many ways, for instance: As a result of the declining economy, We had to voluntarily ask the finance company to take back our expensive SUV that we had owned for about a year. We were making payments on it for a year now without having it. As an answer to prayer, Jesus has caused the debt to be cancelled, about 30k, and not only that but we are to receive 70% of the money we have been paying back. Praise the Lord!

  26. Margaret Namutebi says:

    How can I say so clearly so that you understand that this was a powerful sermon. I was touched so much and I have decided I will do whatever it takes to get this whole message.
    Thank you whoever sends these excerpts to me. They inspire me beyond what you can imagine. Praise God!

  27. My faith builds up more than ever before, thank you so much Joseph Prince, I love the way you understand the ( Word ) of ( God )..

  28. Courtney Davis says:

    Praise Jesus! Praise Pastor Prince and Wendy Prince and the staff at this church!! I am seeing favor and miracles from hearing Pastor Prince! His words have changed me into a new person!! So thankful for your you tubes and books! They feed my spirit like nothing I have ever had! Thank you and your team for my prayer requests! I am spreading the word on this ministry ever chance I get! Keep on changing lives! I have hit the lottery in my spirit! I can’t wait for Christmas,So I can start getting your cds and books!! Glory to God Amen!! Thank you for how you put so much love and compassionate into eveything you do!! I am ready to see you guys in AMERICA!! MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!!! THIS MINISTRY IS AMAZING!!!! Ihope all of you have a WONDERFUL AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS OVER IN ASIA!!! YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE IMPACT OVER HERE IN THE US!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. King Tony Omere says:

    Pastor Prince Joseph messages have really blessed me so much. He is full of God’s Epignosis. I really enjoyed listening to him on DSTV Channels, even the one he preached at Lakewood church (Joel Osteen church).

    I really need d CDs if only i can get them to buy here in Nigeria, i will be so happy.


  30. Cathy says:

    Hi team JP, I really hope that JPm will soon release a DVD version of Pastor Prince’s Grace Revolution@Lakewood Church sermon. Since the CD package has been made available, it’s also much better to have the DVD package released soon! :-) Because it would be great to watch with family and friends at home :-) Thank you. Jesus bless!

  31. Akjeromemenon says:

    Hai Pastor Prince
    Thank you for the word of God especialy the Grace of God which we Enjoy in our everyDay Life i would like to quoate my favurite bible word Psalm 121
    Thank you and God Bless you and your Family

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